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Migrating LIS Professionals into Knowledge Management Roles

Abstract: Knowledge management (KM) is a multi-dimensional field of study and practice,which requires a wide range of capabilities amongst its contributors, who comefrom a variety of professional groups. This paper examines claims that the Libraryand Information Services (LIS) profession should make and, indeed, is making asignificant contribution to organizational knowledge management. It outlines KM

National Seminar on Knowledge Management in Libraries: Issues and Challenges (KML)*

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The National Seminar on Knowledge Management in Libraries: Issues and Challenges (KML) is part of a conference/seminar series organized by the Department of Library and Information Science at the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). The seminar is being organized to help library and information science professionals to understand the major issues and

Information and Knowledge Management Competencies for Information Professionals

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Abstract: The paper discusses competencies for new age information professionals. Emphasis has been on the changes within LIS market during the last 2-3 decades, with a particular emphasis on the new roles LIS professionals have to assume in information and knowledge management positions in the corporate world. Management and functional competencies have also been

Skills for the Knowledge Economy

Abstract: The potential of knowledge management (KM) for library and information professionals was investigated by the UK Library and Information Commission (LIC) funded research project: ‘Underpinning Skills for Knowledge Management: training implications’. This aimed to: gain an understanding of KM and the roles, skills and competencies needed in these environments; assess the implications for