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Tacit Knowledge Management Davos Forum*

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The Tacit Knowledge Management Davos Forum (Chinese: 隱性知識管理達沃斯論壇), formerly the Global Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management Forum (GO-TKM Forum; Chinese: 全球組織隱性知識管理論壇), is organized by the Global Think-Tank for Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management (GO-TKM) or MentoringCo. It brings together leading tacit Knowledge Management experts and key opinion leaders and aims to educate the public on the importance of tacit Knowledge Management, to share practical solutions for tacit Knowledge Management, and to create a global think-tank on this topic.

Conference History:

2nd Tacit Knowledge Management Davos Forum 2024, October 21-22, 2024, Davos, Switzerland

Conference Theme: Turning Tacit Knowledge into Value
(Co-organizer: TBD)

    Conference program TBD

    Main Forum:
    Turning Tacit Knowledge into Value

    Tacit Knowledge Management in Industrial Sectors4
    Tacit Knowledge Management in Public Sector
    Tacit Knowledge Management in Music, Entertainment, Sports & Arts (MESA)
    (planned was: TKM in Bio & Pharma; AI & TKM; TKM in Auto & New Engergies; TKM in Service Industries)

    Green Learning Awards (GLA) Ceremony
    Top 50 Most Influential TKM experts Awards
    Fortune 1000 Tacit Knowledge Management interview
    Global Tacit Knowledge Management Survey

1st Tacit Knowledge Management Davos Forum 2023, November 13-14, 2023, Davos, Switzerland / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Seeing the Unseen (was: Tacit Knowledge, AI, Disruptive Talent Development and Global Sustainability — to create and enable Green Learning Units in every corner of the earth; Knowledge, value creation and sustainability – to create and enable GREEN LEARNING UNITS in every corner of the earth!)
Sub-titles: Share Tacit Knowledge Management Best Practices; Empowering Progress Through Tacit Knowledge; Build Tacit Knowledge Management Community; Shaping Tomorrow by Embracing Wisdom Today
(Co-organizer: —)

    Note: The forum was announced as the 2nd GO-TKM (Davos) Forum 2023. It was originally scheduled for November 12-14, 2023, and September 3-5, 2023, resp..

    “Seeing the Unseen”: Empowering Progress through Tacit Knowledge
    How to Implement Tacit Knowledge Management: Will this Ambition Come True?

    Case Sharings:
    KiSure: Securing Organizational Continuity and Success, Capturing the Tacit Knowledge
    Experience-based Work – Tacit Knowledge in the Factory Environment. Experiences from Germany
    Fostering Sustainable KM to Prevent Knowledge Loss (was: Successful Implementation of Tacit Knowledge Management inside an Organization)
    Share the Magic of Connecting Different Dots of the Brain – Jerry’s Brain
    How to Put Tacit Knowledge into Your Balance Sheet?
    Low-cost tacit Retention in Brazilian Laboratory (Brazil Nuclear Power Corporation)
    Tacit Knowledge of WEF
    Designing and engineering human relationships for the effective and impactful flow of tacit knowledge (GE Renewable Energy – Case Study)
    PepsiCo Case Sharing
    A Pharmaceutical Company’s Case in Tacit Knowledge Management

    How to Bild an Effective Knowledge-driven Organization?
    Building the Elements of Tacit Knowledge Management Model Together

    The Hidden Value of Tacit Knowledge Management
    The Romantic Allure of the Tacit: A Love Story
    ABBA Tacit Knowledge Transmission (Glal Dinner)
    Generative-Artificial Intelligence (G-AI) and Metaverse for Elicitation and Retention of Tacit Knowledge
    How Can Tacit Knowledge Management and Mentoring Better Contribute to Green Learning?
    Tango / Aikido / Samba Music into Tacit Knowledge Management
    How Well-thought Mentoring Programs can Support Tacit Knowledge Management?
    Trust, Truth, and Transperency in Tacit Knowledge Management

    Green Learning Awards (GLA) Ceremony
    – Categories: Individual Contribution, Innovation, Operational excellence, ESG (Environment, Social and Corporate Governance)
    Top 50 Most Influential TKM experts Awards

    Release 2023 Annual Paper for Global Tacit Knowledge Management (TBC)
    Green Learning Units launch
    GO-TKM Country Presidents Appointment
    TKM Ambassadors Appointment

    Pre-conference Webinars: Special Warming-up Sessions (every 4-5 days)
    Discover the Value & Impact of Tacit Knowledge Management (Sep 13)

1st GO-TKM Forum 2022, December 17-18, 2022, Boao, China / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Save the Tacit Knowledge for the NEXT…
(Co-organizer: GO-TKM; MentoringCo; Hainan Talent Group; SDIC Innovation Investment Management)

    Note: The forum is also known as Boao Forum for TKM but not related to the Boao Forum or Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) and its annual conference. Conference language is English and Chinese.

    The Role of Tacit Knowledge in Strategy and Design (was: Measuring Conversation’s Impact on Accountability, Innovation and Cohesion)
    Using Narratives to Capture and Share Tacit Knowledge
    4-step Knowledge Retention Process
    How Deeper Tacit Knowledge Domain Understanding and Technology Integration Leads to Success – A Case Study – Fidelior”
    Retention & Transfer of Tacit Knowledge: Challenges & Case Studies
    Knowledge Sustainability
    Global Trends for Coaching, IFC role and Impact & coaching Contribution to Tacit Knowledge Management
    Why do We Need Global Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management?
    Empowering Experts to Create Sustainable Business Impact
    How can Coaching Help Tacit Knowledge Transmission (was: How Coaching will Help Tacit Knowledge Management)
    Uncovering the Resilient Innovation Ecosystem
    Identify the Real Tacit Knowledge Management Value for SMEs (was: Tacit Knowledge Management on SME)
    Developing a Leadership Pipeline with Mentoring
    Tacit Knowledge Is Your Greatest Knowledge Asset
    To Become Sustainable, Knowledge Requires a “Human Touch”
    The Pandemic Disruption: Is Tacit Knowledge on the Precipice of Extinction? (was: Identify the Roadblocks of Tacit Knowledge Transfer)
    The Role of Trust in the Facilitation of Tacit Knowledge Transfer
    Soft Skills Needed for Tacit Knowledge Capture and Transfer
    Designing a Successful Knowledge Management Strategy – A Guide for the Knowledge Management Professional
    From Old to Gold: Optimising Value of Older Workers
    Tacit Knowledge, Social Learning, and Innovation
    Making More out of Tacit Knowledge
    How to Measure ROI on Tacit Knowledge Management
    Tacit Kowledge Transmission, Enabled by E2E Knowledge-first Customer-centric Digital Transformation
    How Can Tacit Knowledge Help us Accelerate Green Technologies? Hint: Mentoring Program
    Sharing Tacit Knowledge with the Knowledge Café
    Tacit Knowledge Management Across Generations

    Panel Discussions:
    Explore the Needs and Practice of Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management in China (was: Explore Leading Conpamies Tacit Knowledge Management Practice in Hainan Province)
    Tacit Knowledge Management – What is Needed for Multinational Companies in China in the Next Few Years?

    GO-TKM Association/Global Think Tank Inauguration
    (CANCELLED) Awards Ceremony: 2022 top 50 Most Influential People in TKM

    Co-located Conferences:
    2022 Global Mentor, Coach and Supervisor Conference

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