National School of Government (NSG) Knowledge Management Conference

National School of Government (NSG) Knowledge Management Conference

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The Government of South Africa and its Departments are organizing and have organized the following Knowledge Management Conferences.

Conference History:

1st NSG Knowledge Management Conference 2022, 23-24 June 2022, Pretoria, South Africa / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Re-imagining Knowledge Management Post COVID 19
(Organizer: Knowledge Management Directorate, National School of Government (NSG); Co-organizer: Knowledge Management South Africa; Supporter: European Union)

    How has Knowledge Management advanced the achievement of the National Development Plan Vision 2030

    OPENING Session:
    Message of Support from KMSA
    Collaboration: WEF Knowledge Management Portal
    Knowledge Management Policy framework and maturity
    Professionalising Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management System through the ISO 30401 Framework

    PRESENTATION Session: How has KM evolved since the onset of COVID 19?
    Building capacity in government during COVID-19
    KM opportunities and threats presented by COVID-19: Organisation-specific cases

    PRESENTATION Session: Enabling the KM to work for our organisations and communities
    ICT software enabling KM post COVID 19
    Knowledge and Communities

    DISCUSSION Session:
    How has Knowledge Management advanced the achievement of the National Development Plan Vision 2030
    Professionalisation of the public service through knowledge sharing
    KM opportunities and threats presented by COVID-19

    Co-located Events:
    NSG Executive Education launch, Jun 24

1st DPSA Public Service Knowledge Management Conference, 6 February 2020, DPSA, Pretoria, South Africa

(Organizer: Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA))

    Note: The “Knowledge Management Summit” was originally planned for 2017/18. It may be related to the National/Public Sector Knowledge Management Forum (since 2018) and the Learning and Knowledge Management Learning Network workshop series (2004-2009).

    Role of Knowledge Management in Professionalizing Public Service
    The Value of Knowledge Management in Public Service and its role in Achieving the National Development Plan (NDP) Goals
    Draft Statutory and Regulatory Framewotk for Documents Management in the Public Sevice
    The State of Knowledge Management in the Public Sector and Alignment with the Knowledge Management Framework
    Knowledge Management Tools and Corporate Culture


    Liberating Structures Sessions:
    Troika Consulting role play: Learning and Innovation

    Round Table Knowledge Cafe Sessions:
    Business Alignment of Knowledge Management Strategies,
    Monitoring and Evaluation of Knowledge Management Programmes
    Knowledge Management Governance and Structures

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