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TFPL, formerly part of the i-documentsystems group and IDOX, resp., (2004-2013) and since 2013 part of the ILX Group and Progility, resp.,offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)** 1)


In-house Training

  • Advanced Knowledge Transfer
  • KnowHow Planning for Project Managers
  • Knowledge Management – Developing a KnowHow Strategy
  • Knowledge Management Foundation
  • Knowledge Management Strategy
  • Knowledge Sharing Communities
  • In-house and customised learning (on-demand courses)**
  • Creating a learning organisation (Level 3)

Public Training** 2)

  • Level 1 Public Access Courses (Foundation)
    For delegates with little or no experience in the subject.

    • Knowledge Management Foundation (was: (Introduction to) Knowledge management: foundation programme)
    • Introduction to Digital Knowledge Management
    • A web presence for your library: HTML, Website Design and Wikis – creating and keeping a site online
    • Effective blogging (was: Basic Business Blogging)
    • Web 2.0 for information professionals
    • Introduction to Taxonomies and Metadata (was: Introduction to taxonomies)
    • Introduction to SharePoint
  • Level 2 Public Access Courses (Intermediate)
    For practitioners or managers wishing to broaden or enhance their skill levels.

    • Essential Information and Knowledge Auditing (was: Information and knowledge auditing; Information audit – to enable knowledge transfer; Information audit: identifying your organization’s information and knowledge assets)
    • Web 2.0 tools for facilitating knowledge management
    • Knowledge Transfer – Making Knowledge Sharing Real
    • Information and knowledge auditing (coaching)
    • Social media: exploiting knowledge in networks
    • First practical steps in competitive intelligence for information professionals
    • Copyright In the Web 2.0 World
    • Folksonomies and tagging
    • Faceted taxonomies
    • Folksonomies
    • Integrating document, knowledge, records and content technologies (was: Understanding how records, document, knowledge and content technologies fit and work together)
    • Extending Taxonomies with Related Metadata
    • Collaboration in Sharepoint
  • Level 3 Public Access Courses (Advanced/strategic management)
    For senior managers or subject experts.

    • Embedding and sustaining knowledge management
    • Creating a learning organisation
    • Communication & consulting skills for professionals
    • Breakthrough thinking and Communications in knowledge and information strategy
    • Building successful communities of practice
    • Knowledge Harvesting – capturing and transferring knowledge from those who have it, to those who need it (was: Knowledge Harvesting: Gathering Tacit Knowledge)
    • Chris Collison Masterclass: embedding and sustaining Knowledge Management
    • Launching Sustaining and Measuring Communities and Virtual Networks
    • Advanced uses of SharePoint: Tools and Techniques for Information Professionals
  • Other Public Access Courses (level not explicitly specified)
    • Advanced Knowledge Transfer / 2017
    • Engaging the Social Web for Personal Knowledge Management / 2017
    • Knowledge Management Strategy / 2017
    • Knowledge Sharing Communities / 2017
    • Creating and Designing Taxonomies and Metadata / 2017
    • Knowledge Management – Developing a Know-How Strategy / 2016-17
    • Know-How Planning for Project Managers (was: Knowledge Management (Know-How) for Project Managers) / 2016-17
    • Professional support: lawyers and knowledge management / 2006 (was: Law firm knowledge management /2003-4)
    • Social network analysis – identifying applications for assessing and intervening to create effective collaborative networks / 2004
    • Communities of Practice / 2004
    • Knowledge Management: lessons from leaders / 2003-2005
    • Knowledge Management without a budget: Knowledge management in a downturn / 2003
    • The visibility of knowledge: managing information pr / 2003
    • Academic institutions: using knowledge to achieve key objectives /2003
    • Towards a knowledge management standard / 2001
    • Developing strategic information services for knowledge environments
    • Knowledge management: state of the art
    • Masterclass: know your value – value what you know: developing a knowledge profile
    • Building teams and communities to support knowledge working
    • Effective document management: unlocking content for corporate knowledge
    • Making your skills work for you: the application of information management skills in knowledge environments / 2001
    • Experiencing Knowledge Management / 1999
    • Skills for the Knowledge Economy / 1999
  • Knowledge strategy masterclasses** 3)
    • Talking to leaders: gaining support for knowledge strategies
    • Using knowledge strategies to create competitive advantage
    • Crafting a knowledge management strategy
    • Communities of practice
    • Managing the intranet
  • Facilitated Workshops (2003-2006)
    • Breakthrough thinking in knowledge and information strategy
    • Scenario planning for information and knowledge teams
    • Knowledge management briefing sessions for senior executives
  • Free training Courses
    • Knowledge Management in Action: the After Action Review Approach


  • Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) Summit**
    Conference history
    The CKO Summit is a unique, practical, events where CKOs from organisations spend two days together sharing experiences, debating key knowledge management issues and working together to formulate new knowledge strategies. Since 2002 bi-annual for public sector and private sector CKOs. The public sector summit is sponsored by Thomson Dialog (2002-2005) and Thomson Sweet & Maxwell (2006)

    • 9th CKO Summit for the Private Sector, 21-23 October 2007, Taplow, UK
    • 5th CKO Summit for the Public Sector, 23-25 April 2006, Bath Priory, Bath, UK
      Conference Theme: Connecting for value: knowledge and information based public services
    • 8th CKO Summit for the Private Sector, October 2005, Taplow, UK
      Conference Theme: The agenda for growth
    • 4th CKO Summit for the Public Sector, 24-26 April 2005, Bath, UK
      Conference Theme: Towards a common framework: delivering joined up services though better knowledge and information management
    • 7th CKO Summit for the Private Sector, 3-5 October 2004, Dublin,
      Conference Theme: ‘Sticky’ knowledge strategies
    • 3rd CKO Summit for the Public Sector, 25-27 April 2004, Bath, UK
      Conference Theme: Joined-up knowledge strategies
    • 6th CKO Summit for the Private Sector, 5-7 October 2003, Dublin
      Conference Theme: The knowledge proposition
    • 2nd CKO Summit for the Public Sector, April 2003, Bath, UK
      Conference Theme: Knowledge strategies for the public sector
    • 5th International CKO Summit, October 2002, Dublin, Ireland
      Conference Theme: New directions for knowledge strategies
    • 1st CKO Summit for the Public Sector, 21-23 April 2002, Bath, UK
      Conference Theme: Knowledge management in the public sector
    • 4th International CKO Summit, October 2001, Dublin, Ireland
      Conference Theme: Knowledge strategies – corporate strategies
    • 3rd International CKO Summit, 8-10 October 2000, Dublin, Ireland
      Conference Theme: Knowledge strategies in action
    • 2nd International CKO Summit, 14-16 March 1999, Dublin, Ireland
      Conference Theme: Knowledge management in practice: 50 years of experience
    • 1st CKO Summit, 12-15 October 1997, London, UK
  • Leadership Challenge 1999
  • SharePoint Summit** (2008-2011)


  • TFPL Connect (2008-2014)
  • TFPL’s Bath Club – KM in the public sector (2002-2007)
  • TFPL’s Knowledge Leaders in Law (2003-2007)
  • Collaboration, Communities, and Networks in the Public Sector (CCN) Learning Consortium (-2006)

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