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The Henley Forum Conference**

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The The Henley Forum Conference, formerly the Henley Forum for Organisational Learning and Knowledge Strategies Conference (Henley Forum Conference) and the Henley Knowledge Management Forum Conference (Henley KM Forum Conference), brings together thoughtful practitioners and practical academics from across knowledge management, learning and performance and the organisation development and change communities to share ideas and experiences. Through a range of speaker and workshop sessions, participants will develop new actionable insights to power up their knowledge, learning and change work – helping them to develop more dynamic organisations.

The conference participants come from a range of sectors and functions. As well as offering excellent opportunities for networking, it offers much greater potential for developing new thinking.

In 2020 in conjunction with the “Advancing Practice in…” Awards.

Conference History:

24th The Henley Forum Conference 2024, 28-29 February 2024, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: TBD

    Conference Program TBD

23rd The Henley Forum Conference 2023, 28-29 March 2023, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Global Transitions in a Changing World (was: Transition in a changing world)

    Note: Day 1: In-person & online; Day 2: In-person only.

    Change has Changed
    Pushed or Pulled in the Great Resignation
    Sustainable Workplaces
    The Bananas Taster: How to Sell Climate Learning through Game-based Play
    How Can We BUILD Smoother Transitions in a Changing World?

    Panel Discussions:
    Our Collective Stories of Global Transition

    BUILDing Smooth Transitions by Using Conversation as a Methodology for Exploring Belonging, Understanding, Identity, Leadership and Difference
    The Need for Reskilling in a Dynamic World: What Can We Do to Support the Workforce?
    The Future We Choose
    How IFAD’s KM Strategy has Learnt to Adapt to Change
    Global Transition to a Sustainable Future – Exploring Implications for Organisational Change

    Research Updates:
    Adopting Foresight in People-centric Change
    United Utilities: Transformative Learning: Energising Adaptability 2

    Corporate Storytelling
    Knowledge Marketplace stalls

22nd The Henley Forum Conference 2022, 29-30 March 2022, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Sustaining and securing connections in a Hybrid World

    Note: Pre-conference sattelite & day 2 sessions are remotely/virtually available throgh a virtual pass; The conference theme was originally “Sustaining and securing connections” only.

    Pre-conference sattelite events: Building Connections
    Community Coffee: Case Study: Knowing, learning, adapting, innovating (Mar 1, open to all)
    Conversation: Reflections on the future (Mar 8, open to all)
    Workshop: Peer-to-peer connections for change and wellbeing (Mar 22, open to conference delegates only)

    Conference Day Topics:
    Deepening Connections; Extending Connections

    The transformative power of team coaching
    Mind your own busy-ness

    We are not enemies but friends

    Case Studies:
    Collaborative connections across organizational boundaries (police departments in the Netherlands)
    Connecting communities to accelerate impact (panel; Multi-Donor Learning Partnership for Development Impact; title was: Nurturing the hive mind during COVID-19)
    Collaborative connections with clients (Freeths LLP)
    Staging the world’s biggest sporting event in the pandemic (International Olympic Committee)

    Connecting for good – or pulled in different directions?
    Using foresight in shaping the future workplace

    Creating connectivity for wellbeing

21st The Henley Forum Conference 2021, 26-29 April 2021, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Becoming Agile: An international festival of learning

    Note: The 2021 conference was originally scheduled for 17 – 18 February 2021

    Pre- and Post-conference Events:
    Henley Forum Community Coffee / Fringe sessions (Apr 21 | May 5)

    Day Topics:
    An international perspective (day 1); Leadership agility in a changing world (day 2); Sustaining energy and momentum (day 3); Becoming resiliently agile (day 4)

    Business and learning agility
    Being agile – going slow to go fast
    Becoming resiliently agile

    COVID-19 as a catalyst for change

    Co-producing agility
    Resilience as a partner to agility

    Managing adaptively in international development
    Bridging the gap
    Leading change with foresight for growth
    How NOT to do Agile
    Leadership in complexity and change
    Return of the Vikings – Nordic leadership in extreme change

    Research Insights:
    In it for the long haul: Rising to the challenge of sustaining knowledge management
    Change, change, change: Sustaining energy

20th The Henley Forum Conference 2020, 5-6 February 2020, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Collaboration for Innovation: Celebrating leading-edge practice

    Workshops (Henley Forum 2020 Awards Workshops):
    Advancing Practice in Knowledge & Organisational Learning
    Advancing Practice in Organisational Change & Development

    Henley Forum 2020 “Advancing Practice in…” Awards Presentation

    Award winners
    Knowledge & Organisational Learning category: International Fund for Agricultural Development: Knowledge Management Coordination Team, placecube: Knowledge Hub (Highly Commended), The National Lottery Community Fund: Knowledge and Learning Team, Projecting Success, Western & Southern Financial Group: Knowledge Services Team (Winner)

    Change & Development category: British Council: Central Design and Organisational Team 2016 -2019 / Rugare Nyandoro, Kellogg Company: Cross Functional Power Team, Lloyds Banking Group: Monica Danese-Perrin, NHS Health Education England: Corporate Portfolio Team (Winner)

    The future of knowledge work
    Productivity, the digital workplace and the collaboration conundrum
    The future of knowledge work – challenges for the next 20 years (closing remarks)

    Practice Leadership:
    Collaborative leadership – the why and the how
    Rethinking leadership development in the face of unremitting change

    Research Insights:
    Shaping positive work experiences with the ‘Happy App’
    Tools for building change-ready teams

    Thought Leadership:
    Make it personal – discover the five themes of human collaboration in the workplace

19th The Henley Forum Conference 2019, 6-7 March 2019, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Amplifying our practice: Boosting organisational performance

    Use of self – in action
    Amplifying your learning

    The knowledgeable practitioner: What is use of self? Why does it matter?
    Evidence-based practice: What is it? How do you do it? Why should you do it?

    Practice Leadership:
    Fit for the future? NHS case study
    The liminal moment: Making the most of the ‘betwixt and between’
    Learning to manage knowledge in times of organizational change

    Research Insights: Introduction to the 2018 Henley Forum projects:
    Building change-ready, change-capable teams
    The Listening Project: Sharing conversation for learning
    Knowledgeable practice: The Henley Forum 2020 awards

    Thought Leadership:
    Naked consulting
    The Knowledge Management Cookbook: Appetising stories from knowledge masterchefs

18th Henley Forum Conference 2018, 7-8 March 2018, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Building dynamic capabilities: knowledge, learning and change-ability

    Empathetic learning as a dynamic capability (interactive session)
    Knowledge sharing in practice [1-4] – Activating your learning

    Thought leader’s guide to uncertainty
    Embracing complexity: A mindset for a dynamic world

    A chameleon without borders: becoming a learning organisation
    Tackling wicked problems in the health service
    Change-readiness as a dynamic capability

    Report on 2017 Forum projects:
    Engaging with complexity – a practical approach
    Embracing difference
    Energising knowledge sharing

    Thought Leadership:
    Organization design: pro-action and re-action
    The primary colours of leadership

17th Henley Forum Conference 2017, 1-2 March 2017, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Activating organisational dynamics: Power up your knowledge, learning and change work

    Coaching for engagement and wellbeing
    Navigating the maze – partnering for change

    Activating organizational change dynamics: Towards post-dialogic OD approaches
    Finding balance between content and process

    Vertical leadership development
    Leading change: A contact sport
    Changing culture with storytelling and cartoons
    The future of knowledge management (KM) is organisational development (OD)

    Henley Forum research:
    Embedding change effectively and Technostress

16th Henley Forum Conference 2016, 24-25 February 2016, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Making a difference through knowledge and learning

    Joining the dots – making more of a difference together
    Making a difference: Warming up the conversations

    Using behavioural insights to make a difference
    The 6Ds driving the future of work

    Creating an inspiring creative culture where employees can develop
    Learning and performance – how to keep up with today’s knowledge worker
    Using Open Innovation to boost your learning capability
    Adding value by inspiring a passion for learning and sharing
    How to think like an expert: Using masterclasses for knowledge transfer
    Freedom within a framework: an unconventional IT perspective
    Reflections and projections – Knowledge Management over the past 15 years and the next 15 years

    Reports on 2015 Forum projects:
    Energising the squeezed middle
    Managing the change process
    Building internal partnerships for change

15th Henley Forum Conference 2015, 25-26 February 2015, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Lead a smarter organisation: Getting more from collective intelligence
(in partnership with Henley Centre for Engaging Leadership)

    Working out loud: leading the collective intelligently

    When push comes to shove with a nudge: where are the limits of organisational influence?
    New economics, new enterprise: where are the new leaders?
    The Reputation Economy: rethinking leadership and conceptions of value in the digital society
    The resiliently agile organisation: reframing mindsets, skillsets, relationships and routines
    Navigating complexity: the knowledge connections that defined the hunt for the Higgs Boson
    ‘Go where the energy is’; building collective momentum for change from the middle out
    ‘Knowing it all? Can there be wisdom in hubris and the addiction to power’
    Harnessing collective intelligence inside and outside the business: a practical approach to creating shared value
    What does it take to lead in today’s complex context?
    Relating the story and imagining the impact

    Start with a buzz

    Reports on 2014 Forum projects:
    Engaging with social business
    Improving the uptake of lessons learned
    Embedding evaluation: using learning cycles to improve communities of practice

14th Henley Forum Conference 2014, 26-27 February 2014, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Minding your Knowledge: Learning to Enhance Performance and Change

    Conference Day Themes: Organisational approaches for taking care of knowledge resources; Improving individual and group knowledge development and use

    Communicating with comics: knowledge management goes graphic
    The art of powerful questioning: knowing how to elicit useful responses?

    The sweet spot for performance excellence: innovation & knowledge management

    Think UN, act smart: leveraging the knowledge and experience of a truly global workforce
    How big is the knowing doing gap? What can we do to reduce it?
    Sense and sustainability
    Preventing collateral damage: surfacing potential sources of unanticipated consequences for a European Revenue Service
    Rediscovering lost values
    Improving learning and memory through time travel
    Close the mental distance created by virtuality – lessons learned by working with over 300 virtual teams
    Engaging knowledge workers in collective sensemaking: the benefits of oscillation
    Relating the story and imagining the impact

    Start with a buzz
    Minding your knowledge in an unpredictable world. What have we learned?
    Reframing mindsets: what can we do to translate communication into commitment?

    Report on Forum projects:
    Evaluating for learning
    Closing the knowing doing gap through community connections

13th Henley KM Forum and Leadership@Henley Conference 2013, 27-28 February 2013, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

(Joint conference in partnership with Leadership@Henley)
Conference Theme: Knowledge Leadership During Change: Leading the learning organisation to improve performance

    Conference Day Themes: Programme created and chaired by the Henley KM Forum team; Programme created and chaired by the Leadership@Henley team

    Leading constructive conversations to leverage behavioural diversity
    Engaging leaders in knowledge management
    The pros and cons of fuelling the need to know
    Exploring and applying the KM Forum project findings: crucial attributes of knowledge leadership

    Leadership of knowledge sharing and innovation at Tata
    Leadership to stimulate creative environments for knowledge flow
    Radical change driven by innovation – the issue of temporary incompetence. A case from the financial industry
    Collaborative leadership: delivering results across boundaries
    Knowledge leadership in combat: understanding the art of communication, the power of networks (personal and cyber), and the humility to learn
    New directions for leadership and implications for knowledge management
    21st century police leadership

    KM Forum project reports:
    Crucial attributes of knowledge leadership: managerial relationships that affect the climate for knowledge sharing and learning

    Knowledge leadership and change (interactive panel)

12th Henley KM Forum Conference 2012, 29 February – 1 March 2012, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Achieving Knowledge Excellence: Putting learning at the heart of the organisation (was: …: An Exploration of the Current Influences on Organisational Learning)

    Conference Day Themes:
    Influences on Organisational Learning; Leadership and Organisational Learning

    Demonstrating the impact of knowledge management on performance
    Creating and sustaining communities of influence
    Behavioural literacy and fast organisational learning

    The challenge of building community in organisations
    The surprising role that emotions play in learning and change
    Lessons earned?
    Adapt: Why success always starts with failure (Special guest speech)
    Emotional ambivalence and organisational learning: riding the rollercoaster

    Innovation, knowledge and the power of learning organisations
    Leadership and organisational learning in the new world of work
    Positive Deviance (Conference dinner speech)

    Case Studies:
    Knowledge communities as the basis of organisational learning at MWH
    Learning journeys as a route to knowledge excellence at RBS

    KM Forum Research Reports:
    Everyone can lead change, but how do they know what’s required? Building flexible leadership capability

    Snowball debates:
    Becoming a learning organisation: priorities and next steps for leaders

11th Henley KM Forum Conference 2011, 16-17 February 2011, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Knowledge Works! Inspiring people to achieve better results

    Eliciting tacit knowledge
    KM and human capital (KM Forum project)
    Personal values as critical knowledge: How leaders create a climate for productive knowledge work
    Unpacking relationship capital to accelerate innovation through knowledge

    Employees first: customers second: Creating a high engagement organisation when technology has been leveraged to the hilt
    Creative connections and collaborative learning

    Creating an effective ‘dance floor’ for the business: How workspace influences people and organisational performance
    Unlocking the value of you
    knowledge to enable major change
    Designing globally distributed, highly integrated knowledge organisations
    Making sense out of non-sense: Problems, paradigms and strategic sensemaking in a dynamic business environment
    The science of yes. The ability to influence others not just to say ‘Yes’ to your requests but to persuade them to change
    The future of collective intelligence

    Action Learning Groups:
    Success stories and learning about how to improve collaboration
    Success stories and learning how to identify and develop valuable knowledge

    KM Forum Research Project reports:
    The human capital agenda for effective knowledge work
    The Knowledge 2.0 agenda Web 2.0 and knowledge work inside the organisation

10th Henley KM Forum Conference 2010, 24-25 February 2010, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Celebrating Connections: evocations and provocations for the future

    Conference Day Themes:
    Evoking capability from individual knowledge and expertise; Provoking future improvements through collective potential

    Inspiration from a learning hospital
    Advocacy, inquiry and refl ection – a three legged stool?
    Back to the future: your experiences of 10 years of Knowledge Management
    Liberating management
    Activating networks to bring innovations to market

    Treading lightly – alternative paths to knowledge leadership
    Knowledge and relationships: connecting across interorganisational and multicultural boundaries

    Making sense together. Real time insights from fragmented narratives
    Improving knowledge flows: practical steps of knowledgeable leaders around the world
    Advancing the cause of knowledge for business success
    Lessons for future knowledge leadership

    Expert input with Q & A:
    A modest heresy: The myth and potential of Knowledge Management
    When experts aren’t allowed to succeed: how relationship capital works in sticky organisations
    Managing knowledge creation through open innovation – not worth the cost for most firms!
    Emerging cases and trends in Asian intellectual capital and Knowledge Management
    The unconscious at work: how hidden patterns in organisations may hamper knowledge management
    Co-creating innovation: from research to business. How the construction industry is being transformed

    KM Forum project reports:
    Knowledge enabled decision making
    Knowledge enabled project management
    Social networking and knowledge sharing (SNAKS)

    Networking break with ‘fringe’ events

9th Henley KMt Forum Conference 2009, 28-29 January 2009, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management for Action through Collaboration and Learning

    Conference Subjects:
    Communities of next practice
    Deriving value From learning collaborations
    Learning and innovation in a social world
    Mapping value networks to improve knowledge flows
    Understanding the potential of SNA

    Conference Program n.a.

8th Henley KM Forum Conference 2008, 6-7 February 2008, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management in a changing world

    Conference Subjects:
    Retaining Expertise
    The metaphors of knowledge management
    The Future of knowledge
    Collaborative networks and the new enterprise
    Social software and knowledge management
    Knowledge navigation

    Conference Program n.a.

7th Henley KM Forum Conference 2007, 12-13 June 2007, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme:

    Conference Day Themes:
    Knowledge Management and Organisational Performance; Knowledge Management, Innovation and Change

    Conference Subjects:
    How to retain the real knowledge of retiring staff
    KM in the nuclear industry
    Visualising a knowledgeable future
    Knowledge enabled innovation
    Collaboration, knowledge and social software
    Strategic Performance Management

    Conference Program n.a.

6th Henley KM Forum Conference 2006, 13-14 June 2006, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: n.a.

    Conference Subjects:
    The importance of intellectual capital reporting
    Executing effective innovation
    Organisational innovation
    Narrative is not about telling stories
    Evolving KM through organisational learning
    From hard sell to compelling buy for KM




    KM Forum project reports:
    From hard sell to compelling buy: increasing the uptake of Knowledge Management through NLP
    Integrating the organisation’s knowledge management strategy and learning agenda
    Delivering knowledge value through document management systems

5th Henley KM Forum Conference 2005, 15-16 June 2005, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: n.a.

    Conference Subjects:
    Knowledge management: the next generation
    The current state of communities of practice
    Techniques derived From Aboriginal storytelling
    Making KM real for front line operations
    Knowledge sharing in collaborative partnerships
    Skills of effective knowledge managers

4th Henley KM Forum Conference 2004, 16-17 June 2004, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: The Knowledge Management Journey

    Conference Subjects:
    Building a cross-team approach to learning
    Building a Knowledge-Driven Organization
    KM: Where from? Where to?
    Thoughts from the Leading Edge
    Cooking up your own KM Recipe
    Mind Crafting of Emerging Perspectives
    Identifying Valuable Knowledge

    Conference Program n.a.

3rd Henley KM Forum Conference 2003, 3-4 June 2003, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management strategy and implementation

    Conference Subjects:
    5 Elements of Trust Across Time & Space
    Reporting on Intangible Assets
    Collaborative Climate in Global Organizations
    KMin Project Based Organizations
    Opening Minds to the Value of KM
    Culture Change Initiatives to Support KM
    Knowledge Sharing Behaviour

    Conference Program n.a.

2nd Henley KM Forum Conference 2002, 11-12 June 2002, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme:

    Conference Subjects:
    Developing the Knowledge Worker
    Emotional Knowledge
    Knowledge Based Strategy
    Knowledge Ergonomics
    The Enabling Conditions for Virtual Tacit Knowledge Exchange
    Building Effective Communities

    Conference Program n.a.

1st Henley KM Forum Conference 2001, June 2001, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Conference Theme:

    Conference Subjects:
    Managing information overload
    A framework for Assessing Success in KM
    Winning commitment For KM
    A Review of KM Technologies
    KM Strategy
    Knowledge Networking

    Conference Program n.a.

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