How can KM4Dev influence academia and curricular development?

In the discussion group of Knowledge Management for Development (KM4Dev) Charles D. asks:

I have started engaging influential academics and curricular developers in Southern Africa to get their perspectives on knowledge, knowledge management/sharing and learning. With your support and experiences from your part of the world, I also intend finding out the link between academia and KM/KS principles or conceptual frameworks we are collectively promoting through km4dev.
My effort was triggered by the intellectual expo held in Zimbabwe early this year where it dawned on many people (including hardcore academics) that universities and colleges are churning out ‘knowledge workers’ who are not equipped to deal with realities of the current knowledge economy.
I will be very grateful to receive resources, experiences, perspectives and ideas on this issue. The output will be compiled and shared with km4devers, universities, policymakers and those interested.

Charles D.: How can km4dev influence academia and curricular development? KM for Development (KM4Dev) Dgroup, May 10, 2011.

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