IAKM on Knowledge Management Education at ECKM and ICKM 2016

In 2016 the International Association for Knowledge Management (IAKM) adressed the issue of Knowledge Management education right on three occasions. The first two were in the context of the European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM) in September, the third one was on a panel at the International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM) in October.

Prior to the ECKM the association co-organized the pre-conference Doctoral Workshop titled “So what is Next on the KM Horizon?”. In the final session of the workshop, the issue of Knowledge Management education was adressed, where four groups of participants were asked to design a Knowledge Management course targeted to (1) undergraduate or postgraduate students, (2) PhD students, (3) professionals not specializing in Knowledge Management, and (4) professionals specializing in Knowledge Management. Read more about this workshop on the website of the IAKM.

(Update: In 2017 the IAKM will again organize an ECKM pre-conference doctoral workshop on “The Future of Knowledge Management”. One focus of this workshop will be also Knowledge Management education and innovations in Knowledge Management teaching, learning and assessment practices, resp. Here you can access the slides and results.)

During the ECKM the IAKM further held a special track with a best and most innovative paper award on the topic of “KM in Education and Education in KM”. The papers presented in this track are:

  • Educating Managers in Knowledge Intensive Organizations
  • (best paper) What Might the Curriculum in Knowledge Management Programs Tell us About the Future of the Field?
  • Can KM Strategies Contribute Towards Advising in Higher Education?
  • KM Strategies Taught for Crisis Preparedness
  • The Heuristic use of Four ‘Knows’ for Managing Knowledge in Education
  • Using Enterprise Social Networks as a Knowledge Management Tool in Higher Education
  • Students’ perception on developing conceptual generic skills for business
  • (most innovative paper) The Efficiency of Universities in Transmitting Competencies: Employability Readiness of Students
  • Lifewide, Lifelong Comprehensive Approach to Knowledge Management Education – Emerging Standards

Read more about this track and the paper award on the website of the IAKM or read the papers’ abstracts and purchase the conference proceedings on the website of the ECKM.

The panel discussion at the ICKM was titled “Knowledge Management Education: Five Ws and One H” – the why, what, who, where, when, and how to approach Knowledge Management education. (panel description) After the panelists presented their positions on the “W” here again the audience was grouped to discuss the vision of “H” – how to teach or learn Knowledge Management in the future (1) in universities and school and (2) in the industry. Read more about this panel and download the presentations and discussion results on the website of the IAKM.

The summarized results of this group work exercise are presented in the article:

  • Meliha Handzic, John S. Edwards, Sandra Moffett, Alexeis Garcia-Perez, Aino Kianto, Ettore Bolisani, (2017) “Five Ws and one H in knowledge management education“, VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems, Vol. 47 Issue: 4 (Special issue: Knowledge Management in education, education in Knowledge Management), pp.438-453.

Boris Jaeger: IAKM on Knowledge Management Education at ECKM and ICKM 2016. KMedu Hub, Apr 10, 2017.

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