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Plattform Wissensmanagement – Stern im Wissensmanagement-Orbit

Zusammenfassung: Die Plattform Wissensmanagement – ein Stern im Wissensmanagement-Orbit Im Zeitalter des Wissensarbeiters spielt das Wissensmanagement (WM) eine zentrale Rolle im täglichen Umgang mit dem persönlichen sowie fremden Wissen. Den Weg und das Ziel nicht aus den Augen zu verlieren, zählen zu den größten Herausforderungen im täglichen Umgang mit Wissen. Zur Unterstützung von WM

The Knowledge Strategist

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Abstract: The knowledge strategist is critical to successful knowledge sharing in the organization. The organization’s effectiveness begins with an enterprise-wide knowledge culture, built on a knowledge strategy supported by successful KD/KS/KU, the operational result of the knowledge services strategic framework. The knowledge strategy matches the company’s management strategy, and to achieve KD/KS/KU success and ensure

Start Knowledge Management Education & Training in Primary School!

Abstract: The paper identifies KM competencies by examining the unrecognized indications that KM concepts independently exist in educational systems. It suggests introducing KM education and training in primary, secondary, and vocational schools and a shift to specifying educational objectives based on competencies rather than subject. Qualitative approaches were used to identify omissions and needed clarifications

Knowledge Management Competencies and Education for LIS Professionals

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Abstract: …Although LIS professionals play the role of information managers in handling organization’s documents and explicit knowledge, to establish a strong position in a KM environment they need to extend their roles by managing employee’s tacti knowledge on the basis of their distinctive knowledge-handling skills (Al-Hawamdeh, 2005). However, to help LIS professionals be involved