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The International Knowledge Aware Association (IKAA), initiated by Auros Knowledge Systems,1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification Training/Courses

  • Knowledge Aware Certification (Options: Basic (online), Professional (TBD), Instructor (TBD))


  • Knowledge Aware Conference (KAConf)*
      Knowledge Aware Conference (KAConf, Knowledge Aware, or KA Conference), also known as the Auros Knowledge Aware Conference, formerly the Auros Knowledge Aware Engineering Conference (KAE Conference) and the Auros Engineering KM Conference, is an annual two-day event that brings hundreds of leading organizations and engineering experts together to explore the Knowledge Aware approach. This approach is transforming the way product development companies across automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, and other industries develop products by capturing, sharing, and reusing active organizational knowledge to propel businesses forward. The conference features sessions covering state-of-the-art Knowledge Management (KM) tools and strategies for adopting and growing the approach. It also facilitates engaging networking sessions and fosters learning opportunities from other leaders.

      Throughout the two days, organizations will share their best practices on how they implemented Knowledge Aware within their organization and ways it improved their organization.


Knowledge Aware webinars (quarterly)

    Oct 2019: Creating a Learning Organization through AI
    Aug 2019: A Framework for Enterprise Knowledge Flows and Organizational Learning
    Apr 2019: How Knowledge Aware Prevents Common Knowledge Management Failures

    Oct 2018: Knowledge Aware Maturity Model
    Jul 2018: Knowledge Aware Primer


  • Cool K-PAC Competition/Award (since 2017, in conjunction with the Knowledge Aware Conference)
      Auros Knowledge Systems’ customers showcase how they utilize the Auros technology to accomplish different things and solve the problems they have.

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