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Jarche Consulting offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Perpetual Beta Coffee Club (PBCC; since 2018)


  • Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM) online workshop (40 days)1)
  • “Social & Informal Learning at Work” Private Workshop (4 weeks; for teams & departments)
  • 1-to-1 Coaching Sessions on “Sensemaking in networks, communities, and teams”
      Sample topics: Networked management & leadership; Nurturing a learning organization; Finding communities of practice; Knowledge networks; Personal knowledge mastery; Social learning strategy
  • Personal Knowledge Management Online Workshop**1)
    (Host: C4LPT Social Learning Centre; Facilitator: Jarche Consulting/Internet Time Alliance)
  • Connected Knowledge Lab Workshops**
    (Hosts: C4LPT Social Learning Centre & Jarche Consulting)

      Information Overload? No! Filter Failure
      Revisiting the Personal Knowledge management (PKM) Model
      Advanced Blogging
      Professional Learning Portfolios

    • The Connected Workplace Workshops, Mentoring & Coaching
      (Hosts: C4LPT Social Learning Centre & Jarche Consulting)

        Personal knowledge management skills
        Collaboration skills
        Community management skills
        Connected leadership skills


Online masterclasses (1/2 day)

    Network leadership
    Understanding media
    Value network analysis
    Working smarter with PKM
    Innovation and social learning
    Managing in the complex domain
    Understanding communities and networks


  • Network Learning: Working Smarter (Personal Knowledge Management Course)**
    (Host: iSchool Institute @UofT; Facilitator: Jarche Consulting)


Briefings, Presentations, Keynotes

  • Sample Topics: Personal knowledge mastery, remote & distributed work, working collaboratively, connected leadership, social learning, innovation (old: the future of work, managing in complexity, personal knowledge management, tools & competencies for the networked workplace, enterprise social networks and knowledge-sharing, social media in education and training, supporting social learning in business)

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