Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC)*

Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC)*

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The Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC) is a world-class curated program that brings experienced practitioners, technology leaders, cutting-edge researchers, academics and vendors together for two days of presentations, discussions and networking on the topic of knowledge graphs.

The conference was founded at the School of Professional Studies, Columbia University, in 2019. Since 2020 it is organized by Knowledge Graphs Conference or The Data Chefs, resp.

Since 2020 in conjunction with the Healthcare and Life Sciences Symposium (HCLS), formerly the Workshop on Personal Health Knowledge Graphs (PHKG).

Since 2020 in conjunction with the Knowledge Graph Conference Lifetime Achievement Award

List of Awardees

Zdenko „Denny“ Vrandečić, Head of Special Projects, Wikimedia Foundation

Deborah Louise McGuinness, Professor of Computer, Cognitive, and Web Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Albert-László Barabási, Professor of Network Science, Northeastern University

John Florian Sowa, Chief Ontologist, GraphStax LLC, Cofounder, VivoMind Research LLC, and Fellow, Kyndi Inc

In 2020 supplemented by the Knowledge Connexions Conference (KnowCon).

The Knowledge Connexions Conference (KnowCon) is adressing the transition from data to knowledge by connections and metadata. Graph Databases, Semantic Technology, Knowledge Graphs and Graph AI are solid building blocks that support this process.
The one-day conference with pre-conference workshops and masterclasses is organized by Connected Data London, in partnership with the Knowledge Graphs Conference.

Conference History:

2024 Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC), May 6-10, 2024, Cornell University, New York City, NY, USA / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Navigating Complexity in a Data-driven World
(Host: Cornell Tech, Cornell University)

    Conference program TBD

    Workshops & Masterclasses: (May 6-7)
    Start with the Value of Graphs
    Visualizing Knowledge
    Semantic Knowledge Modeling & Publishing – Ontologies & Vocabularies
    The State of the Art Large Language Models for Knowledge Graph Construction from Text: Techniques, T
    Generating and analyzing knowledge graphs using GenAI and Neptune Analytics
    Ontology Modeling with SHACL
    SQL and Property Graphs: A Primer to SQL/PGQ and beyond
    KGs in RAG
    Combining graph and vector representations for efficient information retrieval
    Knowledge Graphs, Theorem Provers, and Language Models
    Arachne: An Open-Source Framework for Interactive Massive-Scale Graph Analytics

    NSF OKN Workshop
    A Workshop on throwing Workshops

    The Ontologist Corner:

    Language and Knowledge Representation

    Ask ARCH: LLM Question Answering over Large-Scale Knowledge Graphs
    Creating a Trading Card Game using Knowledge Graphs
    Tackling Climate Change with Knowledge Graphs Using NASA Data
    Unlocking the Potential of Pharmacogenomics: A Semantic Approach to Precision Medicine
    Enhancing the FoodKG Inference with Retrieval Augmented Generation
    The Role of Knowledge Graphs for LLM accuracy in the Enterprise
    The KG+AI Cookbook
    SEOntology: Revolutionizing SEO in the Age of AI and Autonomous Agents
    The SQL/PGQ Standard: SQL support for property graphs
    Enabling the Impossible: Empowering Event Promotion with SEO and Knowledge Graphs
    Schema language for both RDF and LPGs
    Knowledge Graph Support of Accelerated Research and Discovery at the National Renewable Energy Labor
    The BT Digital Twin – Practical findings from cloud based federated semantics
    The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Graph Event Propagation
    Colossal, Compositional, Computational Knowledge Graphs
    Knowledge Graphs for Smarter Smart Buildings
    Knowledge Graphs for the Research Labs of the Future
    Building Vehicles with Graphs: From Information Silos to Comprehensive Delivery Plans
    Composite Queries for Multidomain Knowledge: Span multiple In-memory graphs without blending data
    The Dimensions Knowledge Graph – Using Research Knowledge to Accelerate Business Decisions
    Graph-Based Risk Assessment Using Sustainability Reports
    Unlocking the Power of Knowledge Graphs in Data Isolation
    A Hybrid AI Approach for Cyberattack Countermeasures Generation with LLMs, Knowledge Graphs and Sema
    Dowsing for Data: A Unified Knowledge Model for Data Loss Prevention
    The Rise of Graph Jobs, The Disappearance of Graph Technology?

    Panel Sessions:
    Empowering Generative Search with Knowledge Graphs: A Leap Towards Enhanced SEO and User Exp

    Poster Session

    Tools, Demonstrations:
    KnowHax Pitch “Day” (Prize + Hack-a-thon + Startup Pitch), May 8
    Amazon Web Services Viewing Party, May 10
    Tools and Code Demonstrations (virtual), May 10

    Co-located Events:
    Healthcare and Life Sciences Symposium (HCLS), May 7

    Revolutionizing Healthcare in Europe: Unleashing the Power of Knowledge Graphs for Personal Health
    Knowledge Engineering in Clinical Decision Support: When a Graph Representational Model is not Enoug
    Recurrence Prediction in Early-Stage Lung Cancer Patients Utilising Knowledge Graph Embedding Models
    Real World Evidence in Pharmacogenomics: A Direction for the Future
    A Scalable and Robust Named Entity Recognition and Linking System for a Clinical Healthcare Knowledg
    Psychometric Assessment Issues and Potential Opportunities
    Towards an Ontology of Psychometric Measures
    Graphs for Good – Hypotheses Generation for Rare Disease Treatment
    The Identification of Medicinal Products Ontology (IDMP-O) – Current Status and Next Steps Beyond 1.
    Generating and Querying Graphs with LLM

    Panel Discussions:
    Future of Personalized Health with Knowledge Graphs

    HCLS Poster Session

    Associated Events:
    KnowHax, the Knowledge-centric AI hackathon, Apr 5-26

2023 Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC), May 8-12, 2023, Cornell University, New York City, NY, USA / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Navigating Complexity in a Data-Driven World
(Host: Cornell Tech, Cornell University)

    Note: Two days of masterclasses and workshops, two days in-person, and a one-day demo track.

    Conference Tracks:
    Business Use Cases
    Content Knowledge Graphs
    Data Architecture
    Deep Learning for and with Knowledge Graphs
    Environmental, Social and Governance
    Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    Ontologies, Taxonomies, Data Modeling
    Semantic Layer
    Systems and Scale
    Tools Track (May 12, full day)

    Keynotes: (5)
    Knowledge Graphs in Today’s Evolving Landscape (and Beyond)
    Semantic journeys: The present status and future vision of the Fortune 500
    Semantics in the Mainstream: How We Got Here and Where We Go Next
    The Future of Knowledge Graphs in a World of Large Language Models

    Pre-conference Workshops & Masterclasses: (20+; May 8-9)

    A Walk-through of the KnowWhereGraph
    Pitching Expansion of Knowledge Graph within Your Enterprise Organization (CANCELLED)
    Predicting Links in a Knowledge Graph
    Scalability design in a graph database without losing performance
    Graph Embedding Techniques – Matrix Factorization to Deep Learning
    Hands-on Automatic Quality Assessment of Knowledge Graphs
    Open Research Knowledge Graph: Structured Scholarly Knowledge
    Using Dgraph to Explore the Offshore Leaks Database
    How to build a Recommendation System with Vector Search and Graph References
    Taxonomy-Driven Ontology Design
    The Open KG Curriculum
    Graphs with Relational Tables: The Why and The How
    Semantic Knowledge Modeling for Domain Experts and Business Users
    Business recommendation on Yelp Dataset using GNN
    Converting Legacy Enterprise Data into Knowledge Graphs with AI and JSON-LD
    Knowledge Graph Infrastructure with Wikibase and Question Answering
    Shapes Constraint Language
    A Beginner’s Guide to Reasoning: How to reason your way to better data
    From zero to Knowledge Graph hero: boost your Knowledge Graph creation productivity with eccenca Corporate Memory
    Reasonable Ontology Templates
    Reconciliation, Text Analytics and Virtualization with Knowledge Graphs
    Virtualizing climate data as RDF in Amazon Neptune
    Build a Semantic Layer in a Knowledge Graph–Right Here, Right Now!
    Deep-dive into Wikidata
    LLMs on a Semantic Layer (was: Knowledge Graphs and Massive Language Models: The Future of AI)
    Natural Language Processing and Social Network Analysis

    Democratise the Knowledge Graph and Concrete Tooling Requirements
    Meetup for Knowledge Graphs in E-Commerce

    Teaching Knowledge Engineering: A Panel

    Startup Pitch Event, May 9 (Winners annaouncement, May 11)

    Co-located Events:
    Healthcare and Life Sciences Symposium (HCLS), May 8

    Building FAIR solutions and knowledge graphs for research in a large pharmaceutical organization
    Enabling Rapid Application and Management of Knowledge in Learning Health Systems: The Computable Biomedical Knowledge Metadata Model (CBK-MM) Project

    Sponsor Talks:
    Exploring Hypotheses and Refining Insights: How Knowledge Graphs are transforming Clinical Development

    Session 1: HCLS Platforms
    Web-Scale Data Integration in Life Sciences and Healthcare through Knowledge Graphs
    ZS Knowledge Engineering Platform
    Knowledge Graphs, Property Graphs, and HyperGraphs: Equivalences and Differences

    Session 2: HCLS Applications
    Ordering “Big Results” from a Federation of Biomedical Knowledge Graphs
    Semantically Enabling Career Transitions in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Sector
    Building a Healthcare and Life Sciences Knowledge Graph with Synthea and ChatGPT

    Panel Discussions:
    HCLS KGs and Large Language Models

    Open Knowledge Network (OKN) Workshop, May 9

2022 Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC), May 2-6, 2022, Cornell University, New York City, NY, USA / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Connecting the knowledge ecosystem
(Host: Cornell Tech, Cornell University)

    Note; The conference will take place in New York (May 2-5) and online (May 2-6)

    Pre-conference Tutorials: (May 2-3)
    DBpedia Knowledge Graph Tech Tutorial 2.0
    Foundation for a Knowledge Graph: Taxonomy Design Best Practices
    ML model with the vector database Weaviate
    Knowledge Graph Toolkit
    Validating semantic knowledge graphs using SHACL
    Tutorial in Reasonable Ontology Templates (OTTR)
    Knowledge Graph Primer: Creating a digital twin model#Bridging the gap between business domains and Knowledge Graphs
    Low Code meets Knowledge Graphs
    Build on synergies and share standards and technologies to boost your knowledge organisation systems and language resources
    Hands-on Automatic Quality Assessment of Knowledge Graphs
    Hands-on experience defining and cataloging data
    Knowledge-infused Reinforcement Learning
    Presentation of Cellar – EU Publications Office Central Digital Repository
    Developing and Refining Schemas for Knowledge Graphs
    Detect Fraud and Recommend Products with Graphs
    Knowledge graph data modelling
    Knowledge Democratization – A business user tutorial to Knowledge Graph modeling
    A Beginner’s Guide to Reasoning: How to reason your way to better data
    Advancing UN city resilience efforts using relational knowledge graphs for risk modeling
    Demystify Graph and Graph Technologies

    Pre-conference Workshops: (May 2-3)
    Graph Systems Thinking
    Building ontologies and knowledge graphs
    Knowledge graph engineering vs. software engineering
    Workshop on representing and reasoning with imperfect knowledge
    Knowledge Graphs for Interoperability in the Transportation Domain
    First Workshop on Geospatial Knowledge Graphs
    Application of Reasoning on Complex and Evolving Data: Methods and Use-Cases
    KGC Community Education
    The Business Case for (Semantic) Data Management
    Healthcare and Life Sciences Symposium

    Conference Tracks: (May 4-6)
    Data Architecture; Natural Language Processing; Graph Data Science; Business Use Cases (Business Summit); Ontologies and Taxonomies; Content Knowledge Graphs; Search Engine Optimization; Health Care; Libraries; Open Knowledge Networks; EU projects

    Data Architecture and Knowledge Graphs; Graph Data Science; SEO; Graph Deep Learning 1-2; Business Use Cases; Ontologies and Taxonomies; Content Knowledge Graphs; Knowledge Graph Architecture: Where Are We and Where Are We Going?

    Relational AI – From the Modern Data Stack to Knowledge Graphs
    Will Knowledge Graphs Save Us From the Mess of Modern Data Practice?
    NASA Knowledge Graphs: An Ever Expanding Universe
    Deep Learning with Knowledge Graphs

    Tools and demonstrations; Networking events (May 6)

    Co-located Conferences:
    Healthcare and Life Sciences Symposium (HCLS), May 2, virtual

    Data-Driven Discovery Science with FAIR Knowledge Graphs
    Data Driven Decisions in Life Sciences powered by Knowledge Graphs. Example on Clinical Trials information

    Invited Talks:
    Why You Will Build an Entity-Event Knowledge Graph, perspectives from the field?
    EpiMap: Predicting Epigenetic Targets with Triage Queries and KG Embedding Models

    Semantic Chemical Data Management – From FAIR to IDMP Compliance
    An automatically assembled knowledge graph from literature-extracted molecular biology knowledge with human-machine dialogue to support biomedical discovery
    Building a knowledge graph of biomedical entities (genes, diseases, proteins, pathways) using a gene signature representing a particular disease condition or perturbation using half a million FAIR dataset
    An Open-Source Knowledge Graph Ecosystem for the Life Sciences
    Creating a Healthcare Knowledge Graph from Statistical Open Data
    Biomedical Knowledge Graph: Build and Usage Navigate a Medical Knowledge Graph using English

    Panel Discussions:
    FAIR data in HCLS KG
    Healthcare KG Applications

2021 Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC), May 5–6, 2021, Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Connecting the Knowledge Ecosystem
(Host: Knowledge Graphs Conference)

    Pre-conference Workshops: (May 3-4)
    Knowledge Graphs for Social Good; Modeling Sustainability (CANCELLED); Enterprise Knowledge Graph Workshop; Workshop on Knowledge-infused Learning (K-iL 2021); Second Workshop on Personal Health Knowledge Graphs

    Pre-conference Tutorials: (May 3-4)
    Semantic Modeling for Knowledge Graphs; Validating semantic knowledge graphs using SHACL; Graph-Based Data Science; DBpedia Knowledge Graph Tech Tutorial; Annotating Tabular Data using Semantic Data Dictionaries; Integrating Data through Virtual Knowledge Graphs with Ontop; An Introduction to Knowledge Graphs; Foundation for a Knowledge Graph: Taxonomy Design Best Practices; How Graphs Improve Systems Thinking; Katana Graph (CANCELLED); Intro to Data Mesh (CANCELLED)

    Panel Discussions:
    Life Sciences; NLP for Knowledge Graphs; Standardization efforts for Knowledge Graphs; Graph Data Science and knowledge Graphs; Knowledge Graphs Adoption in Finance

    High-Performance Knowledge Graph Computing on the Katana Graph Engine; From Network Medicine to Food and Knowledge Graphs; Introduction to Data Mesh: A paradigm shift in managing analytical data; Accelerating Industry Data Integration: Knowledge Graph Enabled Data Mesh; Knowledge Graph Industry Survey

    Conference Tracks:

Knowledge Connexions Conference (KnowCon), November 30 – December 2, 2020, Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Connecting data, people, and ideas: Building a global knowledge ecosystem
(Organizer: Connected Data London, Knowledge Graphs Conference)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Nov 30):
    Knowledge Graphs and SEO: The next chapter; AI + Knowledge – a match made in heaven?; From databases to platforms: the evolution of Graph databases; Knowledge Graph adoption in the Enterprise (Executive RoundTable)

    Pre-conference Masterclasses (Dec 1):
    Flawless Semantic Modeling in OWL and SKOS – The Theory; From Knowledge Graphs to AI-powered SEO – The Theory; Validating semantic knowledge graphs using SHACL; Graph Powered Machine Learning; Promoting Enterprise Knowledge Graphs with Metaphors and Stories; KG 101: Hands-on coding in Python

    Conference Tracks (Dec 2):
    Leaders; Innovators

    Conference Keynotes:
    Secret Knowledge: Visualizing Complexity
    Sales AI – Building and maintaining a knowledge graph
    Rebooting AI: Adding Knowledge to Deep Learning
    Powering the Connected Enterprise in a Hybrid, Multicloud World

2020 Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC), May 4-7, 2020, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Knowledge Graphs for Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise
(Host: Knowledge Graphs Conference School of Professional Studies, Columbia University)

    Pre-conference Workshops (May 4-5):
    Knowledge Graphs for Social Good (KGSG) – Best Practices, Methods, and Challenges; Personal Health Knowledge Graphs (PHKG): Challenges and Opportunities

    Pre-conference Tutorials (May 4-5):
    Building a Knowledge Graph from annotations; Data discovery on Siren Community Edition: a hybrid BI/Search/Knowledge graph platform for investigative intelligence; Virtualized Knowledge Graphs for Enterprise Applications; Designing and Building Enterprise Knowledge Graphs from Relational Databases; Introduction to Logic Knowledge Graphs, Succinct Data Structures and Delta Encoding for Modern Databases, and the Web Object Query Language; Rapid Knowledge Graph development with GraphQL and RDF databases; Modeling Evolving Data in Graphs While Preserving Backward Compatibility: The Power of RDF Quads

    Conference Sessions:
    Product Demos; Lightning Talks; Ask Me Anything Sessions (AMA); Knowledge Graph Conference Prize

    Discussion Panels:
    Frontiers in Data Intelligence

    Side events (May 5):
    Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation (EKG Foundation) launch; Inaugural investor/startup pitch event

2019 Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC), May 7-8, 2019, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA

Conference Theme: Learn to develop enterprise-wide knowledge graphs
(Host: School of Professional Studies, Columbia University)

    Knowledge Graph Architecture (Storing and Querying Knowledge Graphs; Metadata, Schemas, Ontologies, Taxonomies; Integrating multiple source systems; Aligning multiple data models); Use Cases (Machine Learning and Artificial IntelligenceNatural Language Processing; Understanding Knowledge Graph Embeddings; Data integration; Semantic data lakes; Security and Privacy; Business Intelligence and Data Analytics; Reasoning and Inference; Customer 360; Distributed ledger; Fraud detection); Tools (Visualization; Mapping and Integration); Formats and Languages; Data Management (Data Governance Data Quality; Data Responsibility)

    Discussion Panels:
    Graph Databases, Graph Query Languages, Graph Data Models

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