Knowledge Management Conference (KMC)**

Knowledge Management Conference (KMC)**

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The Knowledge Management Conference (KMC), designed, developed and sponsored by Phowad Solution (PCL), will bring together public sector, private sector, donors, partners and counties, institutions of higher learning, knowledge sharing platform developers, international experts and innovators.

The conference will be structured around leadership and governance, strategy, tools, techniques, standards, legislation, policy and compliance in Knowledge Management in Kenya. This will result in best practices around knowledge management implementation that has proven to be transformational pillar in improved service delivery and innovation as enshrined in The Kenya Constitution (2010).

In 2018 it seems that there have been two (competing?) KMC.

Conference History:

3rd KMC 2021, September 22-24, 2021, Mombasa, Kenya

Conference Theme: Integrating Smart, Digital and Engaging Knowledge Management Practices in Public Sector Organizations

    Conference program TBD

2nd KMC 2018, November 28-30, 2018, Mombasa, Kenya

Conference Theme: Towards Entrenching Knowledge Retention and Transfer Culture in the Public Sector
(Co-organizer: Kenya School of Government, eLearning and Development Institute)

    Note: The conference was originally scheduled for August 22-24 and September 19-21 with pre-conference workshops on September 19; It was also annunced by DCCL as the 2nd Knowledge Management Conference 2018, October 24-26, 2018, Naivasha, Kenya (Theme: Enhancing Knowledge Management for County Governments, in line with the Big Four Agenda; Sponsors: Kenyan Ministry of Devolution and the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALS); Dharkemmy Corporate Communications)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Sep 19, CANCELLED):
    Knowledge Management in the Public Sector
    Knowledge Management Engagement Practices that Work
    Why Knowledge sharing and retention is important for the public sector

    Knowledge Transfer and Retention as an enabler in achieving the Big Four Agenda
    Why Knowledge transfer and retention is important for the public sector
    Launching and Sustaining Communities of Practice

    Application of Knowledge Retention and Transfer in the achievement of the Big Four Agenda (w. 2 Panel Discussion)
    Knowledge Retention and Transfer for Succession Planning (w. Panel Discussion)
    Knowledge Retention and Transfer Tools and Platforms
    Knowledge Transfer Strategies
    Knowledge retention and transfer in shaping organisational culture (w. Panel Discussion)
    Best practices and current trends in identifying, initiating and implementing a knowledge transfer and retention strategy

    Breakout Sessions:
    Successful Knowledge management Capture and Retention practices (Groups: Organizations with successful Knowledge Management Sharing practices; Peer Learning; Sharing best practices)

    General Sessions:
    Accelerated Knowledge Sessions (TED talk like)
    Live! with Knowledge Management Experts & Exhibitors

1st KMC 2017, December 7-8, 2017, Naivasha, Kenya

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management: Get it Right and Ensure Productivity
(Co-organizer: Kenya School of Government, eLearning and Development Institute; Dharkemmy Corporate Communications)

    Note: The conference was originally scheduled for October 12-13, not in cooperation with the Kenya School of Government

    Knowledge Management: Achieving SDG goals improved service delivery
    Knowledge Management: Achieving SDGs through innovation and job
    Knowledge Management: Achieving SDG goals through innovation, job creation and improved service delivery (CANCELLED)

    Best Practices and Trends in Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management and Improved Performance (was: Knowledge Management and Competitive Advantage)
    Knowledge Management for Succession Planning
    Knowledge Management Programs and Tools (was: Knowledge Management Programs and Platforms)
    Knowledge Transfer in Organizations (CANCELLED)

    General Sessions:
    Accelerated Knowledge Sessions (TED talk like)
    Live! with Phowad Solution Knowledge Management Experts

    Breakout Sessions:
    Making Collaboration and Knowledge-Sharing Work Without a Formal Knowledge Management Program
    Using Communities of Practice to Capture and Share Knowledge
    Sharing Knowledge to Improve Project Management and Outcomes
    Reimagine: Looking Beyond a Place to Store Content (was: Imagine:…)
    Change Management Impact on the Success of Knowledge Management
    How to Build a Knowledge Management Program in a Culture Uncomfortable with Sharing
    Analyzing the Knowledge Management Achievement Gap: Are We Getting the Most Out of Our Knowledge Management Programs?
    Measuring the Results of and Forecasting Benefits from Knowledge Management
    A people focused vision of Knowledge Management (CANCELLED)

    CEO’s Breakfast

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