Knowledge management course for MBA / EMBA programs @ Riga Business School

Abstract: The paper describes a case of development of knowledge management course for MBA and EMBA programs in Riga Business School. In the paper knowledge management course availability for universities and business schools, course development process, specific of students auditory in Latavia and in the particular school, developed KM course content, evaluation of student’s performance and organizing issues are described. The paper concludes with several tips and hints that are important to take in account in process of course development as well as some open questions are stated.

Keywords: Teaching knowledge management, syllabus, MBA, education

Janis Briedis: Teaching Aspects of Knowledge management in MBA and EMBA programs. In: Dan Remenyi et al. (Eds.): Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Knowledge Managemnt, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 24-25 September 2002. Academic Conferences Limited, 2002: 109-117

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