Knowledge Management Summit Indonesia (KM Summit Indonesia)*

Knowledge Management Summit Indonesia (KM Summit Indonesia)*

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The biennial Knowledge Management Summit Indonesia (KM Summit Indonesia) aims to provide a cross-cultural platform for practitioners, business communities, government and academics in the Asia-Pacific to network and discuss topics on the next generation of Knowledge Management and Learning Organization.

The summit is organized by the Knowledge Management Society Indonesia (KMSI).

Conference History:

3rd KM Summit Indonesia 2019, 5 – 6 November 2019, Bandung, Indonesia

Conference Theme: Innovative Learning to Re-use Knowledge Assets on Corporate and Public Services in the Society 5.0 Era
(Supported by: Institut Teknologi Bandung, School of Business and Management; Kummara Group; Birmingham City University; Knoco Indonesia)

    Use of Gamification for Innovative Learning

    Knowledge Management Gamification to Improve the Re-use of Knowledge Assets
    Knowledge Management and Innovative Learning in Public Sector and Corporate
    Case Study and Best Practice in the Re-use Knowledge Assets

    Knowledge Management for Startups
    Knowledge Management Intervention for Small Medium Enterprises Development/Growth
    Implementation and Integration of Lessons Learned in Business Processes
    Gamification in Leadership Development
    Problem Solving in Sustaining Knowledge Management Implementation
    Innovative Teaching Method for Entrepreneural Development Skill

2nd KM Summit Indonesia 2017, 8 – 9 August 2017, Yogyakarta (Central Java), Indonesia

Sub-title: The Asia-Pacific Knowledge Management (KM) Summit
Conference Theme: Knowledge Management Intervention in Creating a Sustainable Business
(In cooperation with: Institut Teknologi Bandung, School of Business and Management, Center of Knowledge for Business Competitiveness; Knoco Indonesia; International Society for Knowledge Organization – Singapore Chapter)

    Note: The 2nd summit was originally scheduled for 2 – 3 November 2016 in Bandung, Indonesia

    Keynote, Panels, Workshop & Knowledge Management Clinic, seminars and panel discussions

1st KM Summit Indonesia 2015, 25 – 27 August 2015, Jakarta, Indonesia

Conference Theme: Boosting Business Results through Knowledge Management
(In cooperation with: Institut Teknologi Bandung, School of Business and Management, Center of Knowledge for Business Competitiveness)

    Post-conference Workshops (Aug 27):
    How to Introduce Knowledge Management and Make It Stick

    Peran Aparatur Sipil Negara (Knowledge-Workers) Sebagai Penentu (Driver) Pembangunan Indonesia
    Innovation and Knowledge Management: Competitor or Partner
    Knowledge Management sebagai Pondasi bagi Implementasi Reformasi Birokrasi
    Knowledge Management untuk menciptakan Good Corporate Governance

    Seminar Panels:
    Knowledge Management Process and Technology to Improve Organizational Performance
    Peran People (Knowledge Worker) dalam Knowledge Management
    Peran Knowledge Management dalam Inovasi Perusahaan
    Implementasi Knowledge Management untuk Mendukung Strategi Bisnis Perusahaan

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  1. I would like to know more about implementation of knowledge management processes through companys in Jakarta. What models used? technologies? cultures? processes (training, facilitating, etc)? can i find literatures or websites?

    (KMedu Hub Note: Replied by eMail on May 12, 2019 – Boris)

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