Skills for Knowledge Management Leaders

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Abstract: …In the ideal world, CKOs or KM Directors should have as many of the required skills below as possible. The five core areas of required skills should include: 1. Knowledge Management Experience 2. Learning Industry Experience 3. Technology Project Management 4. Matrix Management Skills 5. Industry

Leveraging E-learning System for Effective Teaching of Knowledge Management

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Abstract: Knowledge management education is quickly gaining momentum worldwide. Due to the fuzzy and inter-disciplinary nature of the discipline, academic institutions are adopting different approaches for educating knowledge professionals. Because of the variations in the subject scope and coverage, there is a need for using innovative and creative learning strategies for teaching KM courses.

Hochwertiger Bildungsexport nach Japan – Masterstudiengang “Wissens- und Technologiemanagement”

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Zusammenfassung: Doshisha Universität und TU Chemnitz entwickeln bis 2007 gemeinsamen Masterstudiengang “Wissens- und Technologiemanagement” Die Kontakte der Technischen Universität Chemnitz zu Hochschulen in Japan treten ab sofort in ein neues Stadium: Die TU Chemnitz schloss am 26. Juni 2005 mit der Doshisha Universität, einer der führenden Universitäten Japans, einen Vertrag über

Educating Knowledge Professionals in Library and Information Science Schools

Abstract: Knowledge management (KM) is a multidisciplinary subject which involves efforts from professionals with diverse backgrounds. This paper aims to investigate the needed educational background and skills for knowledge management professionals. In particular,the focus of the paper is to examine whether a master’s degree in library and information science (LIS) is a preferred educational