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Lpcube Systems India, formerly Lpcube Knowledge Services, has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • 7th Sense Workshop – Establishing Learning Community (Smart Collaboration, 2 days)
      Change Management
      Collaborative Culture
      Knowledge Sharing
      Convergence of Thoughts
      Community of Practice
  • fineVision Workshop – True Knowledge Management System & Strategy (TrueKM, 2-3 days)
      Insights into Knowledge Management
      About True Knowledge Management and its benefits
      The three pillars of Knowledge Management
      Knowledge Management philosophy into successful practice
      Aligning Knowledge Management with strategic business objectives
      Innovative Knowledge Management approaches
      Knowledge Organizer & Smart Communication
      Energizing people to share and work smarter
      Driving collaborative culture
      True Knowledge Management Solution
      Measuring the success of Knowledge Management
  • MPower Workshop – Personal Knowledge Management & Mind Power (2 days)
      Mind Power, self realization and proactive thinking
      Personal Competency Management (systematic talent assessment and development)
      Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) – Knowledge sources, knowledge organizer
      Personal Learning Management including smart learning planner
      Personal knowledge planner


LPCUBE Knowledge System (Product) training

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Certification Courses

  • Professional Knowledge Manager


  • Personal Knowledge Management System training program (Workshop (3 to 5 days) & Mini project (two weeks))
      Power Mind
      Perfect Learn
      Smart Perform
      Perfect Harmony
      Progress Map

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