Masters on Technology, Knowledge and Innovation @ Sofia University

Abstract: Knowledge Management (KM) has gained special attention in last decades among researchers and practitioners. It was widely recognised its importance in the knowledge-based economy for competitiveness and growth.
Subsequently, many universities launched specialised courses on KM, and later full educational programmes. In Bulgaria, teaching KM started in 2007 as a follow-up of a study among small and medium enterprises (SME) and their demand for specialised training in this area. Thus, a course on KM was launched at Masters level at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) of Sofia University (SU), later offered also as an elective course at Bachelor level. The interest among students on this subject was a reason to prepare a new Masters programme to be launched in September 2013 at the FMI of SU.
This paper presents initially the results of some surveys carried out in Bulgaria in last years by FMI staff showing the demand for interdisciplinary training of future employees. The concept of a new Masters programme on “Technology, knowledge and innovation” is presented, as well.

Keywords: education, knowledge management, innovation, interdisciplinary skills

Elissaveta Gourova; Boyan Bontchev: Introduction of Masters Programme on Knowledge Management. Paper presented at the 2013 International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE) & IEEE International Technology Management Conference (ICE/IEEE ITMC Conference 2013), 24-26 June 2013, The Hague, The Netherlands.

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