Knowledge Management Training at Universities

Abstract: The paper will focus on four topics: It will initially consider knowledge management (KM) challenges and benefits. Second, it will present the approach for building KM curricula within the project TRAINMOR KNOWMORE. It will outline the project experience and the results of the needs analysis carried out. In addition, the paper will highlight the practical experience at 3 universities in Bulgaria and outline the further challenges for research and education. On this basis will be discussed KM integration in university programs – at which level, which emphasis, necessary background of the students. Finally, KM importance for T-shaped specialists will be included in the concluding remarks of the paper.

Elissaveta Gourova, Albena Antonova, Knowledge Management Training at Universities, Proc. of 6th International Conference “Challenges in Higher Education and Research in the 21st Century”, 1-4 June 2008, Sozopol

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