Morphing law librarians into knowledge management professional

Abstract: Last year I pleaded with ALM to change the name of their annual Library survey since they had been predicting the end of Library’s for about 14 years. It was time to stipulate that print collections are shrinking and move on to exploring the dynamic organizations which have emerged in their place.

This year The American Lawyer has finally renamed the annual survey as the Survey of Law Firm Management Library and Research Professionals. The accompanying articles have shifted gear as well. The articles are titled “Law Librarian? Trying Chief Knowledge Officer” by Mary Ellen Egan and ‘From Providing Data to Providing Insight.” by Lizzy McLellan.

Jean O’Grady: American Lawyer Highlights Rise of The CKO in 2017 Survey of Library, Knowledge Management and Research Professionals. Dewey B Strategic, July 2, 2017

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