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No Doubt Research has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Seminars and training courses 1)

  • An introduction to knowledge management 2)
      Course outline:
      Knowledge as a source of competitive advantage
      Why organisations need to manage knowledge
      Knowledge Management concepts
      The key to successful knowledge management
      The hidden value of organisational memory
      The relationship between organisational structure and knowledge management
      The role of workplace culture in knowledge management
      Projects, managers, and the new rules of working
      Why information technology alone is not enough
      How to create a ‘Learning Organisation’
      What knowledge management means for your own career
  • Your career and company in the knowledge economy
  • Getting started with knowledge management
  • Creating a knowledge map
  • Designing a knowledge management strategy
  • Improving organisational performance through intellectual capital
  • The key to successful knowledge management

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