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The University of Auckland offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Business School > Graduate School of Management (GSM) 1) > Executive Education


(In-house) Short Courses

  • The Art of Storytelling – Leadership Course 2)
      Topics Covered:
      Identifying purpose: Articulating your ‘why’ and what you are bringing to your work and to the world.
      Story science: Understanding the science behind story and how stories engage people and shift behaviour.
      Story arc: Developing a three-part story structure, based on models including ‘The Hero’s Journey’.
      The nature of stories: Explore the use of metaphors from nature in story to connect with diverse people.
  • Storytelling for Leaders: The Power of Story**
      Session/Day 1: The theory and practise of organisational storytelling
      Session/Day 2: Managers hone and practise their stories
  • The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling**
      Topics Covered:
      Why is storytelling important?
      What is the link between storytelling and leadership?
      Understand your audience – telling the right story to achieve desired outcomes.
      How do you deliver your story to get them most impact?
      The right time for storytelling
  • Knowledge Management: Transforming Organisational Knowledge into Competitive Advantage** 3)
      Topics Covered:
      The relationship between knowledge, productivity and profitability
      Why working smarter involves more than just clever technology
      Where knowledge really resides in an organisation
      The value of social capital and intellectual capital (and how intellectual capital differs from intellectual property)
      How to build social capital
      Making the best use of the ‘informal organisation’
      The keys to managing knowledge successfully
      Practical tools for managing knowledge, including storytelling, knowledge mapping and Social Network Analysis
      Using technology to support knowledge sharing
      Traps for young players – and how to avoid them
      How to get started next Monday
  • Leveraging Strategic Knowledge to Help Your Business Win**
  • How to Use Knowledge Management to Improve Your Business**

Faculty of Science > School of Computer Science 4)


  • 18th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2019), October 26 – 30, 2019, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
    Conference Theme: Knowledge Graphs, Linked Data, Linked Schemas and AI on the Web
    (Host: Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland)
    Doctoral Consortium
    Pre-conference Tutorials: Knowledge Graphs: How did we get here? A Half Day Tutorial on the History of Knowledge Graph’s Main Ideas; Scalable construction of sustainable knowledge bases
    Pre-conference Workshops: International Workshop on Contextualized Knowledge Graphs (CKG)

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