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The Nordic Center for Spatial Development (NORDREGIO), since 2021 an anofficial research entity of the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat), has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Regional Trajectories to the Knowledge Economy – Nordic-European Comparisons (REKENE) Project 1)


Knowledge dynamics in regional economic development, August 24-25 2010, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

    The conference will present fresh results from the REKENE research project including case studies from a number of regions in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

    Conference Sessions:
    Nordic regions and firms in the global knowledge flows; “Innovation in action” Sowcase Session; Practical policy tools for harnessing knowledge dynamics; Reflections from international experts


REKENE Seminar Series (2007-2010)

    The seminar series consists of eight interactive, working seminars, and a final seminar drawing on research and activities from the entire project. Three seminars of the series will deliver outputs of general interest for those not involved in the project. These seminars will therefore in parts be open to participation to anyone interested.

    Aug 2010: OPEN Seminar/Conference: Knowledge dynamics in regional economic development (Stockholm, Sweden)

    May 2010: OPEN Seminar (Stockholm, Sweden)

    Jan 2010: OPEN Seminar: Policy tools for the knowledge economy (Karlstad, Sweden) 2)

    Presentation of REKENE research project, Margareta Dahlström, Nordregio
    Policy example 1, Linnéa Johansson, the Government of Åland
    Policy example 2, Magnús Thór Ásgeirsson, Akureyri Region Business Agency, Iceland
    Introducing a policy tool kit for regional development in the knowledge economy,
    Susan Brockett, Nordregio
    Panel with all speakers – discussion

    Nov 2009: Working Seminar (Norrköping, Sweden)

    May 2009: Working Seminar (Roskilde, Denmark)

    Mar 2009: Working & OPEN Seminar (Mariehamn, Åland)

    OPEN Mini-Seminar: Kunskapsspridningen som drivkraft för företagsutveckling och regional tillväxt
    – Introduction about the REKENE project
    – Intersections & knowledge Dynamics of Medtech and Kibs – The Case of Zenicor ECG
    – PC-free control system of forest harvester with remote control possibilities
    – Film tourism in Skåne – from idea to product

    Nov 2008: Working Seminar (Stockholm, Sweden)

    May 2008: Working Seminar (Akureyri, Iceland)

    Nov 2007: Kick-off meeting (Oulu, Finland)

Regional Trajectories to the Knowledge Economy (EURODITE) Project 3)


Linking in to global knowledge flows – for increased competitiveness in the knowledge economy, 22 April 2010, Malmö, Sweden
(Organizer: Nordregio Academy & Region Skåne)

    A half-day conference on the topic of regional business development in the global knowledge economy. The seminar focuses upon the abilities of businesses and regions to tap into and capitalize upon global knowledge flows in local contexts. The event is based on the findings of the international research mega-project ‘EURODITE – Regional Trajectories to the Knowledge Economy’. The conference will report on the experiences of the four Nordic project partners with a particular focus on the tourism sector, food and drink sector, automotive sector and new media sector.

    Valuing knowledge in business
    EURODITE: the project and key findings
    Knowledge anchoring in game development and film tourism
    Cross-sectoral knowledge dynamics: Film tourism as an example
    Knowledge dynamics in the food and drinks sector of Bornholm, pre-conference presentation
    Knowledge dynamics in the food and drinks sector of Bornholm, conference presentation
    Regional case study: Automotive crash-safety in Västra Götaland
    What triggers knowledge interactions in firms and organisations?
    Knowledge Recirculation and Public Policy: European Trends and Implications
    Knowledge Recirculation Policies: The case of Top of Denmark Tourism, Northern Jutland
    Tourism knowledge dynamics: Between local destinations and global markets
    Media Evolution: Knowledge dynamics in the New Media Sector, A practitioners perspective

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