On the need for collaboration in KM education in the LIS sector

Abstract: As demonstrated in the literature, knowledge management (KM) is a multidisciplinary field of study which encompasses topics from several disciplines. As a consequence, a range of different educational programs has appeared among different stakeholder groups, resulting in competition for ownership of the field on occasion. Although understandable, this competition might more usefully be replaced by collaborative relationships that take a holistic view of the topic. Based on the findings of current research into the implications of KM for Library and Information Science (LIS) education, this paper investigates the issue of collaboration in KM education from the viewpoint of the LIS community. The research findings reveal an appreciation within the LIS community of the importance of collaborative approaches for KM education, and the need for LIS schools to enter liaisons with other interested parties, particularly with business schools and with industry. The findings also suggest that there are few serious impediments to the making of such collaborations, once schools recognise the need for such arrangements.

Afsaneh Hazeri; Bill Martin: On the need for collaboration in KM education in the LIS sector: Some professional perspectives. International Journal of Information Management, Volume 29, Issue 5, October 2009, Pages 380-388

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