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The Operational Research Society (The OR Society or ORS), formerly The Operational Research Club (The OR Club), has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • 1st Knowledge and Information Management Conference (KIM2013), 4 – 5 June 2013, Birmingham, United Kingdom 1)
    Conference Theme: Sustainable Quality
    (in conjunction with the Knowledge Management Research & Practice (KMRP) journal 10th Anniversary Celebration)

      Note: KIM2013 is announced as the OR Society’s inaugural Knowledge and Information Management conference; It builds on its spiritual predecessor, KMAC

      Plenary Session:
      Beyond Knowledge Management – Navigating Through Big Data: Making Smart Decisions Through Business Analytics
      Message Received and Understood?
      Practitioner insights: Realising sustainable benefits from planned change using collaboration, codification and technology

      Presentation Sessions’ Topics:
      Decision Making, Knowledge Management Frameworks, Knowledge Management Systems, Knowledge Maps, Knowledge Sharing, Leadership, Organisational Learning, Quality Management and Supply Chain Management

      Panel Discussions:
      10 Years of Knowledge Management Research & Practice (KMRP)

  • Operational Research Conference (OR Annual)
      (Since 2014: Information Systems stream)

      2013: Information Systems and Knowledge Management Stream
      2012: Information Systems and Knowledge Management Stream
      2011: —
      2010: Information Systems and Knowledge Management Stream
      2009: —
      2008: —
      2007: Knowledge Management stream
      2006: Knowledge Management stream
      2005: —
      2004: Knowledge Management stream
      2003: Knowledge Management stream
      2002: Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital
      2001: Knowledge Management stream
      2000: Learning Organisation and Knowledge Management large triple stream

  • Knowledge Management Aston Conference (KMAC)**
    (Co-Organizer: Knowledge Management Research Group, Aston University)

    The Knowledge Management Aston Conference (KMAC) considers the history, currency and future of Knowledge Management and aims to concentrate on the middle ground where theory, practice and support from computer software meet. It wants to achieve a balance between those three aspects as well as to meet the particular needs of both academic and practitioner attendees.

    • 3rd KMAC 2006, 17-18 July 2006, Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom
      Conference Theme: The History, Currency and Future of Knowledge Management

        Plenary Session:
        Social Networking: Connection versus Collection
        … (2 more)

        Knowledge Management In Disguise? The Use Of Language To Achieve Buy-In From Organisations
        Knowledge and Competence Management in Depression Care
        Using Communities of Practice for Sustainable Change Management: A Commentar
        Building Knowledge Management Systems: A Proposal For A Reconsideration Of The Development Process
        The Social Dimensions Of Knowledge Codification: An Empirical Investigation Into How Codes Link Knowledge Within Communities Of Practice
        Building Knowledge Acquisition Tools Which Help In Knowledge Management Across The Organization And Help Them In Maximizing Their Benefits
        Knowledge Management Practices and Sustained Growth: The Case of Bend & Weld Ltd
        Knowledge Sharing: From Experiment To Application
        Exploring the Complexity of Knowledge Work for Knowledge Management
        Being Fully Informed, But Not Knowing What To Do
        The Flow of Communications in Prisoner Sentence Management
        Knowledge Management And Knowledge Systems: A Social Systems Perspective
        Exploring the Relationship between Organisational Elements and Knowledge Transfer Performance
        An Investigation of SMEs’ Inter-organisational Knowledge Transfer Needs in Internet Marketing
        Pausing For Thought: Knowledge Management Through Work ExperienceJ
        Learning Beyond The Edge: Issues Of Cooperation In Trans-Border Firms
        Addressing Emotional Tone In Retrieval And Browsing ApplicationsJ
        Copying Xerox: From War Stories To Case Study
        Methodology and Framework for Measurement of Knowledge Management Applications
        Facets Of Knowledge: A Morphological Approach
        Epistemetrics: Conceptual Domain And Metrics Of Knowledge Management
        A Technology Mining Tool for University Technology Transfer Offices
        Knowledge Management Strategy for Electronic Government – A Case Study of Local Authorities in Malaysia
        Knowledge Management Applied to Enterprise Risk Management: Country Knowledge
        Enhancing Critical System Thinking Into Knowledge Management: The Shift of Focus
        The Impact Of Knowledge Sharing On Decision Performance
        ICT-Based Knowledge Transfer
        Why Do People Share Knowledge Through Electronic Bases? Identification Of Barriers And Motivations And Proposition Of Model To Explain Knowledge Sharing Behaviour
        An Autopoietic Framework for Organisational Learning

    • 2nd KMAC 2003, 14-15 July 2003, Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom
      Conference Theme: The History, Currency and Future of Knowledge Management

        Plenary Session:
        Theory meets Practice; Opportunities meet Pitfalls: Whither Knowledge Management?
        A Knowledge Management Initiative is Unlikely to Succeed Without a Knowledge Audit
        Putting More Rigor into Knowledge Management

        A Knowledge Sharing Culture
        Knowledge Sharing: Is Technology Important?
        Comparing Knowledge Management Between Organisations: Searching For Good Practice
        A Framework for Implementing Knowledge Management Portal
        Managing and Leveraging Knowledge for Organisational Advantage
        International Knowledge Management within Allianz Group
        Integrating Knowledge Flow- and Knowledge Stock-Measurement: Conceptual Steps Towards a Knowledge Audit
        Meanings of Knowledge
        Enhancing Collaboration in Claims Processing within the Australian Health Insurance Sector
        Knowledge Management as a methodology towards Intellectual Capital: A Road Map
        Tracing Knowledge Management from its Philosophical and Theoretical Roots
        Development of a Business Case Knowledge Management Framework for Rail Extension Projects
        New Wave of Knowledge Management: Social Capital Analysis
        “Are You Sitting Comfortably? Then I’ll Begin (…….To Transfer Some Knowledge?)” Narrative Approaches to the Transfer and Interpretation of Organisational Knowledge
        An Emerging New Intellectual Capital Paradigm
        Inter-organisational Knowledge Transfer Strategies
        Meta Models for Knowledge Management. Reference Architectures
        Knowledge Management Integrated Measurement
        Alternative Knowledge Management Development Approaches of SMEs
        Automated User Profile Generation for Knowledge Management Systems
        Will Traditions Continue or Are We into a New Ball Game? A Review of Trust and Learning in Global Alliances
        Knowledge Exchange within Small Teams; Some Preliminary Empirical Findings from Two Contrasting Environments
        Cross-Hierarchical Interconnectivity: Forms, Mechanisms, and Success Factors
        No Need To Reinvent The Wheel? Enhancing Knowledge Management Practice with Critical Systems Thinking
        Management Research into Practice: Exploring Knowledge Transfer and Utilization
        Problem Structuring Methods for Large Group Interventions
        The Development of a Framework for Assessing Organisational Readiness for Knowledge Management: the Results of a Systematic Review of the Literature
        The Implications of Outsourcing Practices for Knowledge Management
        What Is Strategic Knowledge Management Anyway?
        Sharing Notes: Amateur Musical Events from a Knowledge Management Perspective
        Operational Research Practice as Storytelling: Telling It Like It Could Be?
        Capturing Tacit and Explicit Knowledge in Evolving Knowledge Process
        A Strategy for a Knowledge Sharing Framework in OR Projects
        A Study of Various Characteristics Affecting Individual Knowledge Sharing Through Knowledge Management Systems
        Mapping Knowledge in Group
        Managing the Knowledge Infrastructure in Collaborative Networks: An Ontological Approach to Cross-Domain Communication

    • 1st KMAC 2000, 17–18 July 2000, Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom
      Conference Theme: Knowledge Management Beyond the Hype: Looking Towards the Millennium

        Plenary Session:
        Cynefin, a Sense of Time and Place: An Ecological Approach to Sense Making and Learning in Formal and Informal Communities
        Transferring Soft Knowledge: Suggested Solutions and Needed Studies
        Turning Knowledge into Value – Globally

        Rally Racing: Knowledge and Learning Requirements for a Winning Team
        What’s New in Knowledge Management?
        Knowledge Transfer in Enterprises Using Publish-Subscribe Technology
        Representing and Integrating Knowledge in a Paper Machinery Project
        Knowledge Management Tools in Context
        Model Management for Knowledge Management: A Research Prospectus from an OR/MS Perspective
        Rapid Knowledge Construction and Dissemination: A Case Study in Corporate Contingency Planning Using Collaborative Hypermedia
        IT Outsourcing: A Challenge for the Management of Knowledge as a Resource
        Knowledge-based Decision Making Using System Dynamics
        Managing the Variability of Medical Care: Fostering Consensus, Benchmarking and Feedback The Case of Drug Prescription Patterns Among Belgian Home Practitioners
        Technological Capability-Accumulation Paths and the Underlying Learning Processes in the Late-Industrialising Context: Analytical Frameworks and Cross-Company Differences in Brazil
        Representing Knowledge
        Integrating Content in a Corporate R&D Environment
        Knowledge Management Perspectives, Organisational Character and Cognitive Style
        Practical Knowledge Management in the Legal Domain
        Winning Future Warfare: Knowledge Management’s Role for Competitive Advantage
        Intangibles and Competition: A Theoretical Approach from the Controller’s View – including two examples
        Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management: How Much Difference Can It Really Make?
        The Routine(s) of Knowledge Creation: Innovation Management in Mature Companies
        Knowledge Management and the Limits of IT
        Mobilising Tacit Knowledge
        Knowledge Features of Small Firms: Implications for Knowledge Management
        The Scope and Applications of Knowledge Management Research: An Integrated Approach
        Bridging the Cultural Functional Gap as a Way of Optimising Knowledge Management and Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage
        Developing and Validating Generic Knowledge: An Initial Experience Report
        Improving the Learning Ability of Groups in the Organisation
        The Role of Boundaries in Knowledge Processes
        Construct-IT: A Knowledge Network
        Physical Space – The Most Neglected Resource in Contemporary Knowledge Management?
        What Is Knowledge and May it Be Managed?
        Knowledge Management and Decision Support for Electrical Power Utilities
        Learning and Organisation in the Knowledge-Based Information Economy
        ‘Memories Are Made of This’: Explicating Organizational Memory

        Uplifting the Organisational Cradle in a Knowledge-Intensive Decentralised Company – The Apprenticeship System, Technological Innovation and New Learning Cultures
        Knowledge Management, Knowledge-Guiding Interests, and Modes of Action: Case Studies from Complex Products and Systems
        Barriers to Embedded Knowledge Transfer in an Anglo-Japanese Engineering Project
        Managing Formal and Informal Knowledge within the Organisation: Re-defining the Role of Information Specialists
        Corporate Memory Management: Structure, Processes, and Tools
        “Cultural Literacy”: Its Link to Business Success in Asia Pacific
        Making Sense of a New Dominant Logic and its Implications on Knowledge Management and Strategy Making: a Study of the Finnish Food Industry
        An Activity Framework for Managerial Sensemaking
        CSCW and Knowledge Management in Global Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures Using the Internet
        Knowledge Management in Practice
        Organisational Learning: A Critical Systems Thinking Discipline
        Economies of Knowledge Fusion: New Innovation-Based Competitive Advantage
        Knowledge Management in the Post Office
        Us and Them: the Case of the Knowledge Transfer in Transnational Firms


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