Records Management Society’s Guide to Distance Learning Options

Abstract: The following guide contains programme titles related to Information Content Management and links to related websites. It is categorized into three main sections: degree programmes; non-degree programmes; and free online courses. It’s scope is to serve as the first destination for those interested in furthering their educational qualifications in the field; here they can gain a broad understanding of Distance education options in Records and Information Management, be directed towards institutions which offer related courses and initiate their own search.
Please note that some of the programmes listed below require students to attend study periods on campus as an integral part of those programmes’ structure.

Nikolas Stavrakis: A Guide to Distance Learning Options. Records Management Society (Education & Training), 14 February 2005

Copyright © Information and Records Management Society. All rights reserved.

Updated Version:

  • Title: Colleges/Universities running Records, Information/Knowledge Management and/or Archiving courses in the UK. Version #3, August 2006

    Abstract: The Records Management Society has reviewed the course lists of universities and colleges in the UK and found those below as appearing to fulfil some criteria towards a record/information/knowledge/archive management function. However, the course content has NOT been reviewed thus the Records Management Society cannot be held responsible for the appropriateness of the course. We would however, be happy to receive reviews of these courses, please contact Link »

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