Responding to the Challenges of Knowledge Management Education in the LIS Sector

Abstract: As a newly emerging field of study, KM education is faced with significant challenges which continue to evolve. Informed by wider organisational perspectives, this paper presents the findings of recent research into this field. The first part of the research was in the form of an online survey canvassing the views of the wider LIS community on the responsibility of LIS schools for KM education; the second consisted of a collection of in-depth interviews with LIS academics who were engaged in education for KM. It is clear that the main challenges associated with KM education in the LIS discipline concern people’s perceptions of KM and the place of KM in LIS education. Changes need to be made, both to these perceptions and to the ways in which LIS schools market and package their KM offerings.

Afsaneh Hazeri, Bill Martin: Responding to the Challenges of KM Education in the LIS Sector: Some Academic and Professional Perspectives. The Australian Library Journal, Volume 58 Nº3 August 2009: 250-268

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