Seeking “customer facing” Knowledge Management job/role descriptions

In the discussion list of the Systems Integration KM Leaders Community bsvahn99 asks:

I am conducting an assessment of KM organization structures as well as developing an updated “customer facing” KM job description for our global group. Would you be willing to share the role/job description for your “customer facing” KMs? If available, I would greatly appreciate an overview of your KM organization (org chart, mission statement, goals). I do already have access to the APQC document on KM structure and staffing of best-practice KM programs, so any additional information would be appreciated.
To clarify, I am looking for job descriptions for KMs who work directly with their organization's leaders and staff to support the business/organization strategy.

bsvahn99: Job description and KM organization. SIKM Leaders Community @, November 30, 2015.

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