Strategic Knowledge & Innovation Legal Leaders’ Summit (SKILLS)*

Strategic Knowledge & Innovation Legal Leaders’ Summit (SKILLS)*

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The Strategic Knowledge & Innovation Legal Leaders’ Summit (SKILLS), formerly the Legal Knowledge Management Summit (Legal KM Summit), organized by the NYC Large Law Firm Knowledge Management Group, is a closed door international meeting of large law firm knowledge management and innovation leaders with a public part – the SKILLS Showcase.

The aim of SKILLS is to discuss current developments in Knowledge Management, innovation, and the business of law. The SKILLS Showcase is a mixture of rapid-fire presentations and strategic discussions that highlight the latest developments in the legal sector.

Until 2020, SKILLS has traditionally fallen within the Legaltech conference, part of the Legalweek New York at the beginning of each year. To prepare for the summit, invitees are surveyed toward the end of each year to learn about their current priorities and plans. (since ?)

Conference History:

SKILLS 2025, January 16, 2025, Virtual venue

    Conference program TBD

SKILLS 2024, January 18, 2024, Virtual venue

    Eliminating Interruptions and Streamlining the Employee Experience
    Trial, Fail, Better: Improving Legal Tech Adoption in Law Firms

    GenAI Showcases:
    AI-powered Law Practice: From data to innovation
    A law firm’s generative AI journey
    Redefining Knowledge Search with Generative AI you can trust

    Data-Driven Innovation Showcases:
    Goodwin Catalyst- Our Data-Driven Approach to Client Service
    Dynamic Dashboards: Putting your data to work
    How to use KPIs and data analytics to tell your success story

    Adoption, Automation & Innovation Showcases:
    Robots vs. AI: The Future of Document Automation at Dechert
    APIs plus AI = Next-Gen Dinger System
    Unlocking Success: How Burges Salmon Revamped Their KMS
    Harnessing AI for Enhanced Experience Data Collection

    GenAI – One Year In The Trenches

    Breakout Room Discussions (not available on livestream)

SKILLS 2023, March 9, 2023, Virtual venue

    By Invitation Only:
    Networking Hour
    Closing Remarks, Awards Ceremony & Reception

    Market Gaps- Missing Features & Solutions

    The Dark Arts of Change Management | Lessons Learned from BCLP
    A New Paradigm in Strategic Planning | Practice Strategy as Firm Strategy

    Shark-TED-Talk-Tank Presentations:
    State of the Market | Innovation Benchmarking
    Zero to Sixty | Starting a Law Firm Data Team
    Modern Data Architecture | Surfacing Data for Operations and Analytics
    Turning Data into Insights | Solving Goodwin’s Growing Data Needs
    Improve Your Performance | Give Your AI Tools a Makeover
    Custom KM Platforms | Inside McKinsey’s “Legal Playbook”
    Training for Different Preferences | DLA Piper Customizes User Experience
    Matter Metrics and GO! Team Data Literacy
    AI in Practice Management | Machine Learning at Ballard Spahr
    Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast | Lessons Learned at CMS
    Getting to Grips | Data Integrations and APIs
    Amplifying Your Brand | The Key to Adoption and Promotion

    Breakout Room Small Group Discussion (20 min after Shark-TED-Talk-Tank sessions)

SKILLS 2022, January 12-14, 2022, Virtual venue

    Closed SKILLS sessions (Jan 12/14)

    SKILLS Showcase (Jan 13)

    Practicing Law In Exponential Times

    Partner Perspectives on Legal Innovation
    Data Enabled Legal Practice – Spotlight on ESG
    Legal Tech Hype Cycle Highlights
    The Evolution of Data and AI in Legal

    Shark-TED-Talk-Tank Presentations: Digital Transformation
    DealSite – A Hub for Corporate Lawyers
    People, Process & Technology
    Accelerating Digital Legal Services

    Shark-TED-Talk-Tank Presentations: Rethink your KM & Innovation Model
    Models for Avoiding Firm Constraints
    LIFT – a case study for successful ground up innovation
    The Real Skills of Innovation

    Shark-TED-Talk-Tank Presentations: Data-Driven Innovation
    Matter Profiling to Leverage Firm Intelligence
    First, always, the use case
    New Intranet; New Features

    Shark-TED-Talk-Tank Presentations: No Innovation without Adoption
    Concierge Services for Tech Adoption
    Good Work Goes Virtual
    Automation for Everything Else

    Shark-TED-Talk-Tank Presentations: NLP in Action and Productizing Tech
    NLP for Timecard Analysis
    Advances in NLP
    Value-Add: Selling Solutions to Clients

    Shark-TED-Talk-Tank Presentations: Extras (not live/on agenda)
    The Automation Academy
    Cookie Monster: Privacy Compliance Bot
    SALI: Gets Traction with Standards
    The Benefits of Legal Design

    Breakout Room Small Group Discussion (20 min after Shark-TED-Talk-Tank sessions)

SKILLS 2021, January 21-22, 2021, Virtual venue

    Closed door discussion (Jan 21)

    SKILLS Showcase (Jan 22)

    Innovation in a Global Professional Services Firm

    State of the LegalTech Industry 2020
    HBR’s 2020 Law Firm Library Survey
    The Lawyers’ Knowledge Gap

    Shark-TED-Talk-Tank Presentations: Part 1
    Hacking to Innovation Success
    Empowering Firms with Applied AI
    Bringing Visualization to Legal Teams

    Shark-TED-Talk-Tank Presentations: Part 2
    360 Views without 360×360 Fields
    Experience Management Done Right
    Cracking the Dirty Data Problem

    Shark-TED-Talk-Tank Presentations: Part 3
    To Be or Not To Be (An Early Adopter)…
    Automating Audit Response Letters
    Starting with document automation

    Shark TED Talk Tank Presentations: Part 4
    Data is a Game Changer
    When David worked with Goliath
    Combination Collaboration: The Summer Social

    Shark TED Talk Tank Presentations: Part 5
    Transaction management
    Cheap, Easy, Sexy 50-State Surveys
    Integrating Tools and Data to Improve Knowledge Management

SKILLS 2020, February 6, 2020, White & Case, New York, NY, USA / Virtual venue

    Presentations: (closed door morning session)
    HBR Market Overview
    The Structure of Innovation
    Big 4: Friend or Foe?
    Failure Party
    What’s Hot

    Shark-TED-Talk-Tank Presentations: Part 1
    Legal Innovation Success Story
    LegalTech Tools & Knowledge Collection
    Let’s Make a Deal! Database
    Matter Explorer
    Innovation Leaders Forum

    Shark-TED-Talk-Tank Presentations: Part 2
    Illuminate: A Next Generation Enterprise Search Platform
    Innovating with the Client
    Building an Alert Center
    Management Systems as Knowledge Distribution Platforms
    Research Automation: Let Robots do the Boring Stuff

    Shark-TED-Talk-Tank Presentations: Part 3
    Ask Finch AI Chatbot
    RPA/Bots Case Study
    Making Sense of LegalTech Investments
    Combining Internal & External Data Sources
    The Time is Now for Actionable Data

2019 Legal KM Summit

    Closed door meeting

NYC-Toronto-California Large Law Firm Knowledge Management Meeting, September 19, 2003, New York, NY, USA

    Closed door meeting
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