Sudanese Knowledge Society Symposium (SKS Symposium)*

Sudanese Knowledge Society Symposium (SKS Symposium)*

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The Sudanese Knowledge Society Symposium (SKS Symposium) and workshop series is organized by the Sudanese Knowledge Society (SKS).

Event History:

SKS Symposium, 1&8 February 2020, Khartoum, Sudan
Conference Theme: Citizen Science Part 2: From Revolution to Science: The Power of Crowdsourcing Knowledge
(Hosts: Sudan National Museum; Regional Center for Training and Development of the Civil Society)

    Note: The Symposium was originally scheduled for December 2019

    Orienting Your Project towards Citizen Science and Defining Its Scope
    Zooniverse Platform
    Exploring Data and Open Data in Your Citizen Science Project
    Open Data Kit
    Geographic Information for Your Citizen Science Project
    Photos and Photography for Your Project
    Managing Your Citizen Science Project
    Managing Your Project Knowledge
    Rawan Sharfi

    Citizen Science Projects’ Outlines
    Citizen Science Projects (Prototypes/Plans)

SKS Workshop, 9 November 2019, Comboni College of Science and Technology, Khartoum, Sudan
Workshop Theme: “Open Data” and its economic and social benefits for the community
(Co-organizer: Comboni Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center)

    Workshop program n.a.

SKS Symposium, 2 November 2019, Khartoum, Sudan
Conference Theme: Citizen Science Part 1: Towards the “Citizenship State” in Sudan through “People Centred Science, Public Centred Support”
(Host: Sudan National Museum; Sponsor: Sudan National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums)

    Note: The symposium was originally scheduled for October 30, 2019, in collaboration with Landell Mills and Sponsorship of the European Union

    The Power of the Crowd: From Revolution to Science
    Sudanese Citizen Science Stories
    Citizen Science for Sustainable Development
    Citizen Science with Alhajay (Story)

    Panel Discussions:
    Crowdsourcing Open Data and Thinking Citizen Science

    Ingite Talks:
    Open Data; Digital Media,; NAfeer Initiative; Nature Diary; Environment News; Social Sciences; Folklore; Education without Borders; Public Services; Business Intelligence

    Knowledge Cafe:
    Citizen Science for Freedom, Peace, and Justice

SKS Symposium, 30 – 31 March 2018, Khartoum, Sudan
Conference Theme: A Critique of Development: Sudan in the Matrix
(Host: Sudanese Medical Heritage Foundation)

    Presentation SESSION: Overveiw
    Notes on a Critique of Development: A Snapshot of Trends
    The “Emptying” of Meaning and “De-politicisation” of Terms: Knowledge Representation in Development

    Presentation SESSION: Zooming on Sudan
    What does development mean to you? Sudanese Testimonies on Development (Video)
    The Heritage of the ‘Hakamat’: Past and Present
    The Development of Modern Plastic Art in Sudan: Amplitude of Imagination and Absence of Institutional Building

    Presentation SESSION: Sudan’s Trajectories
    A Historical Perspective on Approaches that Influenced Development in Sudan, with an Emphasis on Civil Society
    From Implicit Progress to Explicit Retrogression: Exploring the Coincidental Correlation between Neo-liberalism and Islamism in the Sudan Development Impasse

    Presentation SESSION: Urban and Rural Development Stories & Visions
    The Story of Two Cities: An Attempt to Apply Systems Theory to Urban Change
    Urban Transformation and Spacetime: Case of Khartoum and Addis Ababa
    Al Sayal 2020—a Community-Based Development Initiative

    Presentation SESSION: Health Development Dilemmas and Futures
    The Role of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Development: Sudan in the Matrix
    With Sudan in the Matrix, Where Can Futures Thinking lead us? The Case of Health Development

    Presentation SESSION: The Politics of Knowledge and Education
    How to Learn Lessons When School is Making It Difficult: Reflecting on Experiences in Sudan
    Sudanese Private Universities and Colleges: An Academic Critique

    Presentation SESSION: Accessibility, Priorities, and Rights
    The Trajectory of Energy Policy in Sudan: Access, Priorities, and Equity
    The Transformation of Sudanese Accessibility to Essential Medicines into a Profit-Making Venture: The Loss of a Social Right

    Discussion PANELS:
    The Landscape of Sudan Entrepreneurship: The Links (and Delinks) with Development
    Lightening the Dark Side: Media Roles for Guaranteeing Human Rights Standards in the Development Processes

    The Privilege Walk (Game)

SKS Workshop, 6 December 2017, University of Khartoum, Khartoum, Sudan
Workshop Theme: The Role of ICT to Foster the Inclusion and Engagement of Persons with Disabilities in Society
(Co-organizer: ADD International (Sudan Program); Sopnsor: USAID Sudan; Part of the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities)

    Persons with Disabilities Movement: The Concepts and the Legal Framework
    Exploring the Potential Role of ICT in the Engagement and Inclusion of PwD in the Society (The Mutual Benefits)
    Understanding Disabling Systems: The Exemplar for Better Outcomes and Equalities.
    Breaking the Wall of Visual Disability
    “مثلكم و لكن” Short Film (Director: Faris Ehab)
    Towards Accessible Futures in the Experience of Disability in Sudan

    Innovators and Students Ignite Talks

SKS Symposium, April 29 – 30, 2017, Khartoum, Sudan
Conference Theme: The Intellectual: Old and New Modes of Sudanese Thought
(Hosts: Federation of Sudanese Businessmen & Employers; Impact Hub Khartoum)

    Paper SESSION: The Intellectual: An Overview
    The Intellectual as Committed Thinker and Trafficker in Ideas
    Scanning the Sudanese Terrain: The Diversity of Intellectuals

    Paper SESSION: The Historical and Conceptual
    What it Means to be an Intellectual in the Age of Globalisation
    The Active Life and the Human Condition: Reflections on Fundamental Structures of the Human Condition in the Ideas of German Philosopher Hannah Arendt
    The Discourse of Liberation for a Nation Dominated by Slave-Oriented, Anti-Blackness, and Self-Hating Ideology: An Interpretation of the 20th Century Contributions of Ali Abdul Latif and John Garang
    Post-Haraj (Confusion): The Decadent Petty Bourgeoisie Intellectual

    Paper SESSION: Disciplines and Our Discontents
    The Contribution of Higher Education in Intellectual Thought
    Production of Knowledge and the Dilemma of Sudanese Academics
    The Intellectuals and the Design of Law as a Tool of Repression and Alienation: From Common Law Post-colonial Sudan to the Era of ‘Islamization’
    The Wise Physician: Epistemological Foundation
    The Role of Science and Technology Policy in National Development: The Dilemma of Vision
    Different Intellectual Schools of Sudanese Archaeologists
    A New Thinking Paradigm in the Post-Naivasha Sudanese Linguistics: Questioning the Identity of Intellectuals (By video)

    Paper SESSION: The Intellectual in Diverse Contexts (Chair: Gada Kadoda)
    Positioning Elites in War and Peace Dynamics in the Peripheries of Sudan: The Case of the Nuba Elites
    Knowledge Production in the Nuba Mountains between Academia and War
    The Sufi Intellectual: The Dynamics of Power and Change in Sudan
    Women Intellectuals in a Globalized Era
    Digital Intellectualism and the Contemporary Young Intellectual: Their Characteristics, Their Online Wars and the Generational Divide

    Discussion PANELS:
    The Concept of “Contradiction” in Sudanese Contemporary Political and Social Thought (in Arabic)
    Intellectual Ideas about Sudanese Art(s)
    Pre-and Post-Independence Sudanese Intellectuals: Diverse Visions for Building the Sudanese Nation
    Chair & Organiser: Balghis Badri
    Youth Movements and Activism: The Organic Intellectual and the Political Environment in Sudan

SKS Workshop Series, 28 January – 1 February 2017, Khartoum, Sudan
Workshop Theme: Managing Knowledge in a Connected World
(Co-organizer: Education Without Borders)

Workshop: Employing Concepts, Experiences, and Innovation to Enrich Sudanese Internet Content
(Co-organizer: Morgan for Information and Communication Technology, H.A.M. for Information Technology, University of Khartoum, Future University, National Information Centre, World Bank Group)

    The Value of Knowledge Management: Today & Tomorrow
    Semantic Knowledge Bases: Towards Sustainable Management and Inference of Knowledge
    Co-creating ICT Policy for Sudan: Promises and Challenges
    Thoughts on Business Model and Sustainability: Digital Content Ecosystem as an Example

    Panels: Perspectives from Sectors
    Organisation & Power
    People & Place

    Learning by Doing Sessions:
    Increasing Audience Skills to differentiate between Knowledge and Information
    VAS in Sudan: Dependencies, Challenges and Opportunities

    Discussion Sessions:
    Enabling Sustainable Digital Content Ecosystem
    National ICT Policy for Digital Content and creative industries

Forum: Creating a Knowledge Sharing Environment – Barriers and Solutions: The Role of HR
(Co-organizer: DAM (HRM Forum), Global Compact Sudan)

    Program n.a.

Masterclass: A Practical Guide to Conducting Knowledge Audits
(Co-organizer: Knowledge et al)

    Learn how to:
    Scope a knowledge audit and identify key stakeholders;
    Conduct a knowledge audit and map the organization’s key knowledge assets;
    Compile a diagnostic report with recommendations; and
    Use techniques for getting stakeholder engagement.

Reverse Brainstorm Session: Working Virtually: Managing Virtual Teams and Virtual Communities
(Co-organizer: Education without Borders)

    Education without Borders: experience of working virtually
    Challenges of virtual working and the concept of ‘virtual cake’

SKS Symposium, 30 April 2016, Federation of Sudanese Businessmen and Employers, Khartoum, Sudan
Conference Theme: Concept of Hope: Methodology, Pedagogy, and Knowledge Production
(Co-sponsors: Federation of Sudanese Businessmen and Employers, Sondra and Gerry Hale, Impact Hub Khartoum)

    Opening Session
    The Concept of Failure Challenged: The Politics of Hope
    A Wikipedia of Hope

    Moments and Practices of Hope: Participants’ Discussion
    Activating Hope: A Roundtable

    Collective Creativity: A Group Work

    Hope Made Concrete: An Exhibition

    Evening Session:
    Storytelling and Stories of Hope

SKS Workshop, 12 December 2015, Khartoum, Sudan
Workshop Theme: Knowledge Production, Capacity Building and Knowledge Sharing for Initiatives and Voluntry Work (The role of knowledge management in voluntary work)
(Host: Federation of Sudanese Businessmen and Employers)

    Scientific Papers:

    Ingite Talks:

    Discussion Sessions:
    Knowledge transfer: How is knowledge transferred within the VWG?
    Marketing and Media: How is voluntary work marketed within communities?
    Members: How to attract new members to the VWG? How are the capabilities and skills of members utilized?
    Financing: What are the appropriate ways to provide funding for voluntary work groups?
    Continuity and future plans: How is the process of maintaining the continuity of the voluntary work group?
    What is the mechanism of development in voluntary work groups?
    Voluntary Working Groups Exhibition

    Pre-workshop Training:
    The concept of knowledge management workshop for voluntary work groups.
    Knowledge management tools and how to use them
    Media training
    How to write a scientific paper?
    Design thinking

SKS Workshop Series, 7 & 12 March 2015, Khartoum, Sudan
Workshop Theme: Using Liberatory Pedagogy in Our Communities and Classrooms
(Co-organizer: UK’s Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Network on Gender, Social Justice and Praxis (Paulo Freire Institute); Hosts: Nuba Women for Education and Development Association (NuWEDA); Sudanese Organization for Research and Development (SORD))

    Knowledge Production and Pedagogical Strategies in Community Settings: Women’s NGOs and Women IDPs as Knowledge Producers and Transmitters

    Workshop program n.a.

    Training the Trainers: Building a Cadre of Facilitators of Workshops Dealing with Diversity

    Workshop program n.a.

SKS Symposium, 14 – 16 February 2015, Khartoum, Sudan
Conference Theme: Contemporary Issues in Knowledge Production: Identities, Mobilities, and Social Media
(Co-organizer: University of Kassala, International Network on Appropriate Technology, Sudan Film Factory, United Nations Development Program, National Corporation of Antiquities and Museums; Host: Federation of Sudanese Businessmen and Employers)

    Mobilities and Identities: The Fluid Social Landscape of Sudan
    The Consequences of Technological Innovation for Mobility and Identity
    Informatics of Domination in Crisis Ridden Societies of North Africa and the Middle East
    Towards a Holistic Perception of Health: The Interrelationships with Identity and Mobility
    Ethical Challenges for Knowledge Production using Social Media
    Nuba Community Mobility in a Conflict Situation: Seeking Alternative Identities Beyond Borders
    Conflict and Displacement: Threatened Masculinity in Sudan
    Migratory Trajectories of Adolescence: (Im)mobility, Place and Identity
    Engendering Social Change: New Information Technologies and the Dynamics of Gender in Northern Sudan
    New ‘Bad Girls’ of Sudan: Women Singers in the Sudanese Diaspora
    Emerging Futures for Knowledge Production in Sudan: Identities, Mobilities and Social Media

    Panel 1: Global Perspectives on Education
    African-American Students’ Service Learning in Africa and Latin America: Identity and Knowledge Creation and Transfer
    A Program for Linking Sudanese Professionals in the Diaspora with Those at Home
    The Influence of Online Courses on Students from Developing Countries: Mobility, Identity and Performance
    Migration and Education: The Exodus of East African Youth and the Role of Education

    Panel 2: Connectivities in Friendships, Neighbourhoods, History and Culture
    The Effect of Identity on Knowledge Production
    “Neighborhood is our Native Culture”: Transformations of Neighborhoods in Khartoum and Omdurman in times of Mobility and Social Change
    Personas and Friendships: Real versus Virtual

    Panel 3: Technological Convergence and Knowledge Production
    The Opportunities, Challenges and Problems of Mobile Identity in the Context of Knowledge Production, a Comparative Study
    Mobile Applications for Disaster Management
    Climate Change and Cultural Identity in Darfur: Preliminary Thoughts

    Panel 4: Diaspora and Knowledge Production
    Translating Crowdmapping Initiatives in Khartoum
    When Chickens Become Birds: Mobility, Forums and Knowledge Production amongst the Kom, Cameroon
    Diaspora and Identity: Unpacking My Identity

    Panel 5: Society and Technology Innovations
    Technology Induced Distance and Technology Enabled Mobility: A Framework for Participatory Technology Innovation
    Social Media and Their Impact on Sudanese Society
    Social Networks Influences on Knowledge Management in Organisations: A WhatsApp Messenger Case Study
    The Role of Interactive Knowledge Sharing Platforms in Influencing Sudanese Identity Features: Foresighting Sudan 2030

    Ignite Talks: (w. Group Presentations & Discussion)
    Sudan’s Future through History
    Sudan Known to All & Appreciated by All
    Education Led by All
    The Future of Sudan’s Web
    Sudanese Aware of their Rights

    3D Printing

SKS Workshop, 16 August 2014, Khartoum, Sudan
Workshop Theme: Employing knowledge, skills and innovation to improve radio, television and journalistic performance
(Co-organizer: Sudan Ministry of Information; Faisal Cultural Centre (host))

    The capabilities of knowledge management in the media and news industry
    Media knowledge management in the field of journalism
    The development of Arab electronic media upset the scales
    The art of radio presentation
    Employing knowledge, innovations and skills in the media
    The impact of digital technology on the broadcasting process
    Culture in the media of the Internet
    The television image industry and its impact on reflecting the Sudanese identity
    Television reports and their impact on enriching knowledge
    Technical criticism in the Sudanese media

SKS Workshop, 14 August 2014, University of Khartoum, Omdurman, Sudan
Workshop Theme: Developing educational services in Sudan
(Co-organizer: Faculty of Education, University of Khartoum)

    Activities of the Sudanese Society for Knowledge in the field of education
    How to evaluate curricula
    Obstacles to applying performance evaluation standards in Sudanese universities
    Girls’ Education
    Using information technology to develop educational services
    Academic Freedom
    The reality of education in Sudan
    Parallel Education

    Panel discussions:
    Initiative to develop educational services, education through community service

SKS Workshop, 8 – 9 February 2014, Khartoum, Sudan
Workshop Theme: Knowledge and Innovation: Technology, Pedagogy and Culture
(Host: DAL Group Excellence Centre)

    Critical Pedagogy and the Politics of Knowledge
    Pedagogy, Technology and Culture – Using Service Learning and Appropriate Technologies for Capacity Building
    Education, innovation and development in Sudan
    Sudanese Medicine: An Alternative Educational Model
    Mini-Sudan – a project for multiculturalism

    Paper Session:
    An Educational Reform Model for Sudanese Universities: From Instructor to Facilitator
    Paving the Road to Sustainable Innovation Life Cycle
    A study on the impact of the prevailing political system on knowledge acquisition – education as a model
    The role of social networks in enhancing the value of solidarity in Sudan

    Round-Table Discussions:
    Information & Technology: The role of ICT in a “knowledge creating” society
    Process & Product: On “knowledge creating” organisations
    Art & Culture: The role of art and culture in “knowledge creating” societies
    Teaching & Learning: The role of pedagogy in “knowledge societies”
    Local Knowledge & Innovation: The role of local knowledge in innovation
    Civil Society & “undone science”: Prioritising research for creating inclusive “knowledge societies”


SKS Workshop, 1 – 2 June 2013, Khartoum, Sudan
Workshop Theme: Knowledge Management for Environmental Sustainability: Towards an environmentally conscious and conserving Sudanese society
(Co-organizer: Global Compact Network Sudan, Sudanese Centre for Engineering and Environmental Studies, National Energy Research Centre, Sudanese National Academy of Sciences, Sudanese Environment Conservation Society; Host: DAL Group Excellence Centre)

    Cradle to Cradle – Pollution Prevention and Waste Management for Africa in the 21st Century
    Knowledge Management for Environmental Sustainability
    Relevant environmental knowledge and information initiatives
    KM at National Energy Research Centre (NERC)

    Invited Presentations:
    Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (SECS)
    Strategic Energy Policy For The 21st Century In Sudan And The Independent Role Of The In-Leads
    EcoInformatics Network-Sudan, a case study
    Green Technology Concept and Application
    Green Roofs: A Sustainable Strategy?
    Green Team: An Innovation team for Green Mobile Network
    Foreseen future of the environment versus need for cultivated land expansion

    Round-table Discussions:
    Local Case Studies
    Knowledge Production, sharing and Implementation
    Business For Peace (B4P)
    Engineering & Environment
    Health & Environment
    Dr. Haj Hamad and Dr. Khalid Shamboul
    Service Learning and Engineers without Borders
    Knowledge Cafe: Closing Session & Way Forward


Workshop on Knowledge Management for Health Care in Sudan, 23 – 24 February 2013, University of Khartoum, Khartoum, Sudan
Workshop Theme: Linking Practice, Evidence and Performance
(Organizer: Soba Training, Education and Examination Centre (University of Khartoum); Epidemiological Laboratory (Public Health Research Centre); Public Health Institute (Federal Ministry of Health): Sudan Medical and Scientific Research Institute (University of Medical Sciences and Technology); In Collaboration with the Sudanese Knowledge Society)

    Knowledge and Health: Implications for Sudan

    Invited Presentations:
    Overview of Sudan Public Health System and Information Flows & Local Public Health Knowledge Related Initiatives: Making innovation work for the poor
    The Mycetoma Research Centre: Case study

    Paper Presentations:
    Knowledge Management at the Public Health Institute
    Knowledge management or evidence management? The quality chasm
    EpiLab’s Path Finding in Knowledge Management and on Models for Public Health Services: Ongoing Initiatives and Way Forward
    Open Access: Friend not Foe
    Leveraging ICTs for better public health
    Knowledge Management’s “Technologies of Inscription

    Demos & Posters:
    KM Open Source Software for the Health Sector
    KOHA Integrated Library System
    Asthma Patient Follow-up System
    Vaccination Monitoring System
    Birth Registration System
    PHI forum
    Clearing house

    Round-table Discussions;
    Thinking outside of the box
    Thinking about the future
    Future Story
    Knowledge Café (2x)

Workshop on Knowledge Management in Engineering Institutions: Between Reality and Application, 21 March 2012, Khartoum, Sudan
(Co-orgainzer: Sudan Engineering Society; Faculty of Mathematical Science (University of Khartoum))

    Workshop Program n.a.

    The evolving role of the ‘Knowledge Manager’

Workshop on Knowledge Management Capacity in Africa (KMCA), 4 – 7 January, 2012, University of Khartoum, Khartoum, Sudan
Conference Theme: Harnessing Tools for Development and Innovation
(Co-organizer: Faculty of Mathematical Sciences (University of Khartoum); Garden City College for Science and Technology; International Network on Appropriate Technology; Epidemiological Laboratory (Public Health Research Centre))

    Pre-workshopss: (Jan 2-3)
    KMI Certified Knowledge Practitioner
    Information Technology Infrastructure Library

    Towards a Knowledge Society in Sudan and the Concept of Knowledge Management
    KM 101: Fundamentals for Developing Country Professionals
    Internal and External Intelligence: The Case for Knowledge Sharing
    Knowledge Management Perspectives: The Role of Telecentre Networks in Regional Development

    Invited Presentations:
    Human Resources and Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management in DAL Group: The Case of Sayga
    Identify Best Process Improvement Practices: A guide-based Approach for Knowledge Sharing
    DSpace@ScienceUofK: Story of a Budget Knowledge Sharing Development that Came True
    TEDxKhartoum: A Platform for Knowledge Sharing
    Morgan – A World of Ideas
    Creative Commons Licences
    The Need to Develop an Independent Wiki for Appropriate Technology Development
    Accreditation of Engineering Programs
    Factors Affecting Negatively in Reading English as a Foreign Language at Public Basic Schools in Sudan
    Experiences of Documenting Medicinal Plants in Southern Africa

    Paper SESSION: Student Papers
    Knowledge Engineering and Sudanese Society
    University of Khartoum Knowledge Web Portal
    Mobile Phone Biometric Solution for Tracking Vaccination Records in Rural Environments
    Quantum Computer: Features and Applications
    Investigating the Water Quality and Quantity issues in Choimim, Kenya
    Chronological Comparison of Vegetation of Erkowit Plateau, Red Sea State(1956-2009)

    Paper SESSION: Business
    The Impact of Knowledge Management on Kenana Engineering and Technical Services Company (KETS) Projects
    Corporate Internal Knowledge Program (CiKP)
    Hybrid Knowledge Acquisition Framework for Mobile Networks
    Leveraging Knowledge Management for a Sustainable Corporate Governance Model
    Knowledge Management Needs and Values in Petroleum Industry
    Influence of Knowledge Based Decision Support System in Sudanese Organizations

    Paper SESSION: Development
    Framework for Knowledge Inference in Decision Making During Humanitarian Crises
    Common Information Platform for Enhanced Coordination and Joint Planning
    From Fragility to Resilience: The Role of Community Mapping, Knowledge Management and Strategic Planning
    Contribution to the Electrification of the Rural Areas in Senegal: The experience of the EolSénégal Project

    Paper SESSION: Education
    Knowledge Teaching and Learning with The Mobile Studio
    Using Electronic Publishing Technology to Enhance Educational Materials in Sudan
    Reducing Complexity through Knowledge Management at SudREN
    The Intersection of Socially Relevant Computing and Knowledge Management: Education and Social Change Perspectives
    AUC Approach to Capacity Development of Tertiary Education and Research in Africa

    Paper SESSION: Environment
    A Knowledge Management System for Education on Climate Change
    Linking Knowledge Management Capacity to Appropriate Technology Dissemination
    Placer Mining and the Guyana Environment

    Paper SESSIN: Governance
    Praxis of Research in Tanzania: The Use of Research Based Knowledge in Policy-making and Planning Processes
    An Exploration of Knowledge Management Trends in the Ugandan Public Sector

    Paper SESSION: Health
    Missions and Knowledge Production
    ICT – Change Strategy Challenges in EMR Implementation (Tanzania case study)
    Innovative Web-Based Electronic Recording and Reporting System for HIV Control in Sudan
    The Use of Mobile Phones to Support Health Services: The Experience of Mali

    SESSION: Indigenous Knowledge Systems
    Knowledge Management’s Ethical Responsibility: An Oromo, Egyptian and Nubian Model
    The Politics of Localized Knowledge: Memory and Conflict (in Sudan)
    Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Appropriate Technology – Waiting for Knowledge Management

    Posters & Demos SESSION:

    Round-table Discussions:
    Knowledge Management Solutions Café Session
    KM Revolution and Decision Making in Petroleum Industry
    Managing Knowledge in Community Settings: NGOs and IDPs as Knowledge Producers
    Youth Activism and Public Space in Egypt: Its implications on capacity development strategy for young Tanzanians to participate in social, political, and economic change
    Sustainable Sanitation – Thinking Beyond the Box
    Knowledge Management of Environmental Information in Sudan
    Research in Africa – Challenges and Opportunities
    Knowledge Management: Essential Building Block for Quality Improvement in Higher Education in Africa
    Mainstreaming Knowledge Management in the Public Sector –The Role of Government, Academia and the Private Sector
    Impact of Knowledge Management in Election Body in Sudan’s April 2010 Election
    The Role of ICTs in Enhancing Knowledge Management Skills of Rural Community Caregivers in the Health Sector
    Existing Knowledge Management Practices for Useful Knowledge Sharing in Healthcare
    How African Peoples have Influenced, Directed and Contributed to the World Transportation Modes
    The Future of Knowledge Management (STUDENT)

    Indigenous Knowledge Systems

    Post-workshop Activities: (Feb 25)
    Closure Event: Evaluation, Awards and Way Forward @ National Information Center

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