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Survey on Challenges and Competencies needed by Chief Knowledge Officers

Abstract: A survey has investigated the challenges and competencies needed by Chief Knowledge Officers, as well as the next stage in the development curve of CKOs. The primary role of the CKO is to convert knowledge into profit by leveraging the organization’s intellectual assets. Key CKO competencies include: interpersonal communication skills; passionate, visionary leadership

WICRS/KMSJ International Symposium**

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The WICRS/KMSJ International Symposium, formerly the WICRS/KMSJ Workshop on Intellectual Capital and the WICRS/KMSJ International Workshop on Intellectual Assets Management, is jointly organized by the Waseda Intellectual Capital Research Society (WICRS) and the Knowledge Management Society of Japan (KMSJ). Host: Intellectual Capital Study Group, Business Finance Research

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

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The Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ; English: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), formerly Universidade do Rio de Janeiro, Escola Polytechnica do Rio de Janeiro, and Real Academia de Artilharia, Fortificação e Desenho do Rio de Janeiro, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training