Towards a Knowledge Management Model for the Information Management Curricula

Abstract: The growth of interest in all things knowledge management (KM) is exponential. Developments of products and ideas, fueled by a newly designated knowledge community, is happening at such speed that few seem to question the trends or the knowledge management systems finding favor in organizational life. A consideration of what is being presented as KM notes its remarkable similarity to the traditional features of information management (IM) redressed in appearance but perhaps not the ideal starting point to get us to the desired destination. This paper identifies these trends and develops prescriptions for the IM curricula. Most importantly it offers a critique of some of the issues that appear frequently absent in the teaching and learning of KM. Includes one table: KM curricula knowledge system (adapted from Endlar, 2000).

Dunn, Dennis; Hackney, Ray: Towards a Knowledge Management Model for the Information Management Curricula. In: Proceedings of the 15th SIGED:IAIM – International Conference on Informatics Education Research, Brisbane, Australia, December 6-10, 2000.

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