U.S. Army Enterprise Knowledge Management Competency Model

Abstract: You are the CEO of a large multinational organization. Implementing an enterprise-wide knowledge management initiative has long been on your management agenda, but never a priority. Given the dire economic times, the need to become more efficient, effective, competitive, and innovative motivates you and your Directors to execute a KM strategy as quickly as possible. How do you go about accomplishing such a task? Hiring a Chief Knowledge Officer is first on your list, but how do you know the person hired has the competencies necessary to succeed? What skills, expertise, and capabilities are needed to transform the organization to a knowledge-sharing culture that will ultimately enhance organizational performance? What will the organization need to know in order for KM to proliferate throughout the enterprise? What competencies must be demonstrated by KM professionals and learned by KM practitioners in order for KM to be adopted and used?

The U.S. Army is now tackling these issues.

Art Schlussel: Developing an Enterprise KM Competency Model. DoD Knowledge Management Conference, October 15, 2009

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