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Vanir Systems has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • International Knowledge Expo, announced for mid-2011
    Knowledge Expo 2011 is an exhibition and conference with the aim to share knowledge about knowledge. It aims to bridge the communities of those who work in Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management, Data on the Web and Information Architecture, Intelligence and Research – particularly those communities who work in the public sector or are non-profit organisations, and Knowledge within the humanities.
    For the attendee they will be able to hear talks, visit stalls and look for jobs. For the sponsors and marketers, there will be the ability to sponsor themes and provide stalls advertising your services and products.
  • Bristol Knowledge Unconference (BKU)**
    Bristol Knowledge Unconference (BKU) is an unconference (an informal conference) all about Knowledge in it’s different forms and perspectives. People will give informal talks on all aspects of Knowledge – computational, technological, business, arty or scientific orientated.

    Conference History:

    • Bristol Knowledge Unconference (BKU2009), 12-13 December 2009, Bristol, UK
      Conference Theme: The Art of Knowledge
      (in conjunction with “unCraftivism” a satellite event of the Craftivism exhibition at the Arnolfini; in collaboration with KnowledgeBoard)

        Day 1: Presentations
        Scientific Artist / Artistic Science Poetry
        Problem Orienteering and LAF
        User Driven Modelling
        Hello World! From Self-Organisation to peer-to-peer net
        RDF Browsing and Visualisation

        Day 2:
        unSlotted unCraftivism free-form disorganised unmanaged day

    • Bristol Knowledge Unconference (BKU2008), 5th September 2008, Bristol, UK
      Conference Theme: The Broader Semantic Web

        OpenShakespeare and Milton
        The Fragmentation of Knowledge in the Brain

        Unconference sessions

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