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Warta Training1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge Management
  • Designing Powerfull Knowledge Management In Building Learning Organization
  • Applying Effective Knowledge Management In The Organization
  • Advanced Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management and Managing Organisational Learning**
  • Knowledge Management Implementation in the Company (Implementasi Knowledge Management di dalam Perusahaan)**
  • Key Knowledge for Successful Business Transformation**
  • HR Competency Redesign and Knowledge Management Development (Redesani Kompetensi SDM Dan Pengembangan Knowledge Manajemen)**
  • Fundamental Knowledge Management**
  • Developing/Building a Community of Practice (CoP) (Membangun Community of Practice)**
  • Implementation of Knowledge Management-based Balanced Scorecard (Implementasi Balanced Scorecard berbasis Knowledge Management)
  • Building Knowledge Management**
  • Knowledge Management – PASTI JALAN**
  • Knowledge Management Implementation: “Easy Way to Manage Knowledge Flow & Performance Dimension”**
  • Developing the Company’s Knowledge Worker by anticipating Competition in the Knowledge Economy Era (Mengembangkan Knowledge Worker Perusahaan dalam mengantisipasi Persaingan pada era Knowledge Economy)

Certification Courses

  • Implementasi Knowledge Management – Advanced (Certified Competence Training)**

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