World Bank Sample Community and Knowledge Management Job Profile Descriptions

Abstract: You can find sample job profiles and descriptions relevant to Knowledge Management in the “The Art of Knowledge Exchange Toolbox” of the World Bank Institute’s South-South Facility and the “Advisory Service Toolkit” of the World Bank Institute’s Knowledge and Learning Services.

  • “The Art of Knowledge Exchange” Toolbox: Sample job profile descriptions relevant to facilitate knowledge exchange in a Community of Practice:
    • Community of Practice Team Roles and Responsibilites
    • Knowledge Management and Community of Practice Consultant
    • Community Content Manager
    • Community Manager Consultant for Knowledge Hub Community
    • Community Moderator (incl. selection criteria)
    • Short Term Consultancy for Parliamentary Strengthening Program CoP
    • (NOT IN TOOLBOX! Knowledge Management Consultant)

    Shobha Kumar et al: Community of Practice. In: Shobha Kumar (Ed.): The Art of Knowledge Exchange Toolbox, World Bank Institute (South-South Knowledge Exchange), 2013

  • Advisory Service Toolkit:To build an Advisory Service, it is important to have the right staffing. This section provides two kinds of tools in this area: Job profiles and job descriptions. In order to develop job descriptions/TORs, it is important to have standard job profiles for the organization.

    Knowledge Management/Knowledge Sharing job profiles
    Together the World Bank Institute and Human Resources developed five different levels of profiles for Knowledge Management/ Knowledge Sharing (KM/KS), by analyzing the positions of staff working on KM/KS at the Bank. The conclusion of this comprehensive analysis is that KM/KS activities tend to focus on discovery, creation and offering of content, as opposed to building structure which is done by librarians, website developers and information management specialists. This is an important distinction which should be highlighted. The team developed 5 distinct job profiles:

    • Lead Knowledge Management Officer – Level GH
    • Senior Knowledge Management Officer – Level GG
    • Knowledge Management Officer – Level GF
    • Knowledge Management Analyst – Level GE
    • Senior Knowledge Management Assistant – Level GD

    Advisory Service job descriptions/Terms of Reference (TORs)
    The following are actual job descriptions for Advisory Service work:…

    Martha Pattillo Siv et al.: Resources: Job Profiles and Job Descriptions. In: Martha Pattillo Siv and Daria Lavrentiev (Ed.): Advisory Service Toolkit. World Bank Institute (Knowledge and Learning Advisory Service), 2004

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