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The Community Roundtable Connect (TheCR Connect)*

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The Community Roundtable Connect (TheCR Connect) is the annual community summit or workshop organized by the The Community Roundtable (TheCR) and its network. TheCR Connect is a three-day learning conference exclusively for online community practitioners – those engaged in the development, implementation, management, and measurement of community initiatives. It was (?)

Embedded (Community) Knowledge Manager

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Abstract: This paper summarizes the community network literature, focusing on the role of the [usually] volunteer or low-paid community network champions. Since champions usually emerge from within their local community and display many of the skills discussed in the organizational literature under the umbrella of knowledge management, it is suggested that they be officially

Knowledge Management role titles & responsibilities?

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In the discussion list of the Systems Integration KM Leaders Community Darrin Q. asks: Hello, I have been in the field of training and development for 8 years now. I discovered knowledge management in graduate school and ever since I have been studying best practices and talking with other experts in