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AKRI, formerly Applied Knowledge Research & Innovation (AKRI), the Research and Development arm of Blackburn College, successor of the North West Artificial Intelligence Applications Group (NWAIAG), has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge Structure Mapping Training/Education
      Module 01: Knowledge Resource Study (12 Hours)
      Module 02: Problem Clarification & Idea Development (4.5 Hours)
      Module 03: Innovation and Improvement (3 Hours)
      Module 04: Knowledge Structure Mapping in the Business Context (2 Hours)
      Module 05: Knowledge Management Strategy (3.5 Hours)
      Module 06: Clarifying Thoughts about Knowledge (2 Hours)
      Module 07: General Interview Capability (3 Hours)
      Module 08: The Knowledge Structure Map (2.5 Hours)
      Module 09: KST The Knowledge Structure Mapping Tool (2 Hours)
      Module 10: Building a Knowledge Structure Map (6 Hours)
      Module 11: Knowledge Structure Mapping Analysis and Report Creation (3 Hours)
      Module 12: Knowledge Structure Mapping Methodology and its Application (2 Hours)
      Module 13: Interviewing for Knowledge Structure Mapping Build ing (8 Hours)
      Module 14: Preparing an Expert Team for Knowledge Structure Mapping (2 Hours)
      Module 15: Tutored Knowledge Structure Mapping Exploration (14 Hours)


Member Seminars/Workshops

    May 2002: Knowledge Management Workshop (2 h)
    Apr 2002: Knowledge Based Product DevelopmentDate
    Nov 2001: Knowledge Resource Workshop (2 h)
    Oct 2001: Identifying & Solving Knowledge Problems
    Mar 2001: Practical Knowledge Based Systems; Knowledge Management in Smaller Companies
    Nov 2000: Knowledge Validation (2 days online discussion)
    Sep 2000: Knowledge loss (2 days online discussion)

Biennial Seminar & General Meeting (since 2002)

    Oct 2004: #2 Knowledge @ Work
    Oct 2002: #1 Business Knowledge Resource

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