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Atelier d’intelligence Appliquée (en: Applied Intelligence Atelier) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Certification en Gestion des Connaissances et en Valorisation du Capital Intellectuel

Training & Coaching

  • Online and Face-to-Face
    – Introduction to Knowledge Management (Introduction à la Gestion des connaissances et au Développement du Capital Intellectuel)
    – Project Management of Knowledge Management Initiatives: Managing the intangible (Introduction à la Gestion de Projets de Gestion des Connaissances et de Développement du Capital Intellectuel)
    – Advanced Knowledge Management: Computer Assisted Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital Development (La Gestion des Connaissances et le développement du Capital Intellectuel assisté par ordinateur et les réseaux)
    – Emotional and Collaborative Work training
    – Stress management and Well-Being training
    – Learning and e-learning Projects
    – Multiple Intelligences Development
    – SCORE program: training and developping success skills
  • (virtual) iWorkshop™: The Knowledge Management Collaboration Approach: Building And Developing the Knowledge Organization with an Entreprise 2.0 Edge


  • knowledge management – gestion des connaissaces – montréal (KM-GC-Montréal)

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