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The Canada School of Public Service (CSPS; Français: École de la fonction publique du Canada (EFPC))1) of the Government of Canada has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Training Courses

Professional Development Courses

  • T036 Knowledge Management Through Communities of Practice / Gestion du savoir et communautés de pratique


  • Commumnities of Practice / Communautés de pratique (E100)

Canadian Centre for Management Development (CCMD) / Centre Canadien de la Gestion (CCG)*


  • Knowledge Management Workshops / Atelier: Gestion du savoir
    • Knowledge Management 101: Thriving in the Knowledge Era / La gestion du savoir 101 : Réussir à l’ère du savoir2)
    • Knowledge Management 201: Mapping the Road to Application / La gestion du savoir 201 : Comment passer à la mise en œuvre2)
    • Knowledge Management through Communities of Practice / Gestion du savoir et communautés de pratique3)
    • Getting Started: Becoming a Knowledge Enabled Organization – An Applied Approach / Un point de départ : la gestion des connaissances appliquées4)
  • Le plan d’apprentissage personnel / Personal Learning Plan


  • Building Competencies for the Knowledge Age / Mise en valeur des compétences à l’ère du savoir


  • The Learning Summit** (2001-2003)
    • Learning Summit 2003, October 29-30, 2003, Gatineau-Ottawa, Québec, Canada
      Summit Theme: Dare to know…know to dare

        Keynotes / Invited Speakers:
        Dare to Know – Know to Dare
        Inventing a New Learning Culture
        The Human Side of Knowledge: Why People Don’t Tell What They Know
        Are we taking the “wonder” out of learning?
        Learning in the Midst of Adversity
        Blended Learning: the Art of Balancing Cost and Quality

        Knowledge Café: Supporting the development of people and learning organizations
        I Double Dare You

        The Conflict Competent Organization…Beyond Bravado, Barriers and Boundaries
        Engaging in Learning Conversations – A Partnership in Learning
        Aligning Learning with Your HR Strategy: The Resource Management Training Curriculum
        Moving Forward with E-learning in the Public Service
        Challenging the Status Quo in Learning Relationships
        Action Learning at Environment Canada: The POPs Project
        Archetypes of the Network Age: Articulating the New Public Service Reality

    • Learning Summit 2002, November 12-13, 2002, Gatineau-Ottawa, Québec, Canada
      Summit Theme: Knowledge in Motion – Learning to Hi-Performance

        Keynotes / Invited Speakers:
        Organizing for Learning
        The Public Continious Learning Policy – from Commitment to Action
        Knowledge in Motion: Developing Ourselves, Our People and Our Team
        The Givernment-wide e-Learning Initiative
        Appreciative Inquiry: An interactive learning process to elevate large scale change
        Knowledge and Learning: Two Sides of One Coin
        Learning from Freedom


        TRACK 1: Leveraging the Power of the Knowledge Worker
        A Learning Tool Kit for Managers and Employees
        Telling Ain’t Training”
        Demystifying Modern Comptrollership
        Developing Team Potential: Practical Tools

        TRACK 2: Sharing Knowledge and Learning
        Communities of Practice
        Learning & Innovation Seed Fund Pilot Results
        Action Learning at Statistics Canada

        TRACK 3: Harnessing our Knowledge Equity
        (see Panel Discussions)

        Panel Discussions:
        Learning from Experience (Plenary)
        Leveraging the Power of Technology for Personal Development (Track 1)
        High Octane Action-Research: Power for Your Office (Track 1)
        Measuring Learning to Learn About Learning (Track 3)
        Creating Synergies to Leverage Knowledge (Track 3)
        Retaining Corporate Knowledge in Times of Transition (Track 3)
        Knowledge Management Diagnostic and Action (Track 3)
        Making E-Learning Happen (Track 3)

    • Learning Summit 2001, November 27-28, 2001, Gatineau-Ottawa, Québec, Canada
      Summit Theme: Intellectual Capital: Our people, the strength of the Public Service of Canada

        Keynotes / Invited Speakers:
        Intellectual Capital: THE HIDDEN GOLD
        Keynote n.a.
        How Organizations Thrive by Sharing What They Know
        I See the Future of Public Service
        Beyond the Learning Organization

        Workshops: (27)
        Navigating your way toward great ideas!
        Action Learning Groups: The Power of Inquiry
        Creating an Innovation Culture: Leveraging the Useful Visionaries, Dissenters and other Troublemakers in your Organization
        Creating Sustainable Leadership Capacity
        Citizens in Action: Working Together Towards Safer Communities
        Communities of Practice as Gardens of Knowledge
        Coaching as a Strategy for Culture Change
        Learning plans: the key to intellectual capital growth
        Stories for Our Survival
        Unlocking the power of E-Learning: 3 keys to successful implementation of e-learning solutions
        Recruiting and Developing for Values and Talent – the CSC Experience
        Implementing a Learning Agenda – Sharing the CCRA Experience
        Embedding Learning in Public Sector Organizations
        Using Accelerated Learning: A Leadership Approach
        Developing and Facilitating Self-Directed Computer Literacy Through Technology
        Knowledge Management (KM): It Starts with You – It Ends with Results
        Building a Learning Platform: An integrated approach to learning at AAFC
        Developing Managers Through Action Learning
        Enhancing our Relationships with Citizens:
        Converting your Insights into Actions
        Developing and Facilitating Self-Directed Computer Literacy Through Technology
        Strategies For Team Learning – From Discussion to Dialogue
        Developing Behavior-based Knowledge
        A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Knowledge and Know-how Management in the Public Sector: Practical Approaches
        Nine Kinds of Smart: Using Multiple Intelligences to Enhance Service to Citizens
        Sharing Your Commitment to Service
        2x n.a.

        Panel Discussions:
        Tying Learning to Business Results

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