ICASIT’s KMCentral: Knowledge Management in Academia

(2009) This section focuses on the role of KM in higher education and continuing education. Included are listings of KM degree and certificate programs, links to selected KM course syllabi, recommended textbooks, teaching cases and other resources beneficial to KM educators.

Content Index:

  • KM Course Materials: This document include a collection of books that are used in colleges and universities as text books. The list of the text and recommended books are extracted from a list of KM syllabi that we compiled under this section “KM in Academia.” We also provide a link for Additional KM Books, which will have a comprehensive list of useful books in the field of knowledge management.
  • KM Degree Programs: This section contains a list of schools that offer a masters, PhDs, or certificate programs in knowledge management.In addition, this site also provides a list of private companies that offer a wide range of KM workshops, training, seminars, and short online certificate courses. Included in this section is a chart that displays the number of KM dissertations by year produced between 1991 and 2001.
  • KM Research Centers: This section describes university-based KM centers and gives a rough description of their mission and/or specialty. One of the difficulties encountered by the university-based KM research centers is that there is a shortage of help to keep archives, links and other vital parts of web sites current. Among the most current and valuable are the sites at UC Berkley, Stanford, University of Kentucky and George Mason University
  • KM Researchers: We have compiled a list of KM researchers, their contact information, and a brief description of their research interests. You can click on the name of the researcher to see his/her detailed information. If you would like to be included in this list, please send us an email at ICASIT KM Central.
  • KM Syllabi: This section provides sample Knowledge Management courses and curricula at colleges and universities in the US and overseas. For the primary sample, we used the web to research the offerings of the US business schools and engineering schools.
  • KM Teaching Case Studies: A listing of selected case studies encompassing general case studies, industry specific case studies and academic case studies.
  • KM Training Providers: This page provides a list of private companies that offer a range of KM workshops, training, seminars, and short online certificate courses in the area of knowledge management.

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