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Champions Of Knowledge

Abstract: It has become a truism of the New Economy that a company’s most valuable asset is the knowledge in its workers’ heads. So more and more companies are making it a top priority to ease the flow of skills and experience among employees – to save the resources workers waste

Trend: Assigning the strategic functions of knowledge management to the chief information officer

Abstract: Knowledge management is increasingly under attack to show returns on investments and profitable business outcomes. While many companies retain their executive leadership as chief knowledge officers (CKOs) and vice presidents of knowledge management, the trend toward appointing CKOs that developed in the late 1990’s has been reversed at many companies and a new

Role of Effective Chief Knowledge Officer

Abstract: This paper addresses the need to appoint a chief knowledge officer (CKO) in an organisation and where that position be placed within the organisation structure. It also presents a comprehensive review of the literature in an attempt to answer the question regarding the elements: attributes and responsibilities of the CKO, and organisational conditions

Hong Kong Knowledge Management Forum (HKKMF)*

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The Hong Kong Knowledge Management Forum (HKKMF, HK Knowledge Management Forum, or Hong Kong KM Forum) 1) – The Independent Think Tank on Managing in the Knowledge Economy – engages in advocacy of areas such as knowledge economy, intellectual capital, innovation, knowledge management across different sectors in the society. The forum is independent and receives