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The Central China Normal University (CCNU; Chinese: 华中师范大学, aka Huazhong1) Normal University), rooted in the University Department of the Boone Memorial School (Chinese: 文華書院), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

School of Information Management (SOIM)2)


  • Academic Seminar on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Services*
    (Organizer: “Library and Information Service” magazine; “Knowledge Management Forum” editorial department; School of Information Management, Central China Normal University)

      The Academic Seminar on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Services (Chinese: 知识管理与知识服务学术研讨会) invites domestic and foreign experts and scholars engaged in knowledge management and knowledge services related research and practice to share their latest practical progress and academic achievements.

      The seminar is jointly sponsored by the “Library and Information Services” magazine, the editorial department of its affiliated “Knowledge Management Forum” online journal and the School of Information Management of Central China Normal University. (“Library and Information Services” and “Knowledge Management Forum” are directed and sponsored by the Documentation and Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.)

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