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Charles Darwin University (CDU) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

College of Engineering, IT & Environment 1)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • PhD / Master of Engineering by Research (research area: Knowledge Management)

School of Creative Arts and Humanities 2) > Library and Information Services

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Graduate Diploma in Information And Knowledge Management (GDIKM)**
      Core Units
      IKM301 Perspectives in Information and Knowledge Management
      IKM302 Information Access Services
      IKM303 Information and Knowledge Management Systems
      IKM304 Managing Resources
      IKM305 Management Strategies for Information and Knowledge Environments
      IKM400 Professional Practice

      Specialist Electives (select two)
      IKM401 Topics in Organisation and Control of Information and Knowledge A
      IKM402 Topics in Organisation and Control of Information and Knowledge B
      CAH301 Independent Studies A
      from the IT & Management disciplines (examples):
      HIT234 Database Concepts
      PMO201 Project Management (was HIT241)
      HIT243 Internet Security and Risk

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