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The Cynefin Company, formerly the Cognitive Edge, the Cynefin Centre, and the IBM Cynefin Centre for Organisational Complexity,1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Making Sense … Gaining Cognitive Edge (two-day accreditation)
  • Cognitive Edge Accreditation Program2)
  • Cynefin Practitioner Certification Program**2)



    Cognitive Edge/Cynefin™ Practitioner Foundations
    Cognitive Edge/Cynefin™ Practitioner Foundations Plus (2+1) – two-day Foundations course followed by a one-day extension course
    — Cynefin in Action: Build, Embed and Sustain Change
    — Innovation and Collaboration
    Cognitive Edge/Cynefin™ Practitioner Advanced
    The Cynefin Seminar – Navigating complexity in human systems
    Leading through Complexity: A new simplicity)
    Cognitive Edge Narrative Research: Linking Quantitative with Qualitative
    Leading through Uncertainty
    Knowledge, Sensemaking and Social Computing: The strategic use of social computing
    Cynefin & sense-making (1-4 days)
    >> Cynefin & Sense-Making – resilience, complexity, knowledge and narrative (4 days)
    Creating and Leading a Resilient Safety Cultur
    Cynefin & Policy
    Dealing with Complex Problems
    Making Sense of Safety
    Cynefin™ Train-the-Trainer
    Cynefin & Complexity Foundations
    The Cynefin Framework for IT Leadership
    The Resilient Organisation
    Cognitive Edge (Cynefin) Accreditation (Certification) Approved Course (3 days, 4 days)

    Complex Knowledge Masterclass – Complex Knowledge and the Dynamics of Learning Masterclass: An organic approach to knowledge strategy and mapping (first stage of certification from the Cynefin Center for Organizational Complexity)

    SenseMaker® Foundations course
    Learning SenseMaker® Design
    Building Insights from SenseMaker® data
    Moving from Insight to Action with SenseMaker®
    How to build and test SenseMaker® Frameworks
    An Introduction to Running SenseMaker® Projects

Online Courses/seminars

  • Cynefin® Knowledge Mapping & Strategy Quickstart (5 months)
  • Cynefin™ Foundations
  • Communicate with Visuals
  • SenseMaker® Signification Design – 4 week on-line Facilitator guided course to SenseMaker® Signification design
  • Introduction to SenseMaker® Environment – self-paced introduction to SenseMaker® and how Cognitive Edge approaches narrative


    Cynefin™ & Theory of Constraints
    Navigate uncertainty: Strategy and innovation with Cynefin™ & Wardley Maps
    Masterclass on Navigating Public Sector Challenges in a Complex World
    Cynefin-Informed Agile Development
    What’s next for Agile?
    Practical Complexity
    A new theory of change
    Dealing with Complex Problems
    Improving Public Policy in a Complex World


    Cynefin Workshop for Agile Teams
    Narrative research: Building and Running SenseMaker® Projects
    Advanced Analytics
    Leading an Agile Business
    Cognitive Edge Advance Theory
    Advanced Practitioner and Researcher Workshop
    Cognitive Edge SenseMaker™ Workshop
    Introduction to Cynefin
    Measuring and Managing What Matters
    Capturing The Knowledge of Staff Before They Leave
    Complexity, Innovation & Risk Management
    Introduction To Social Complexity
    Strategies For Organizational Change


  • Cynefin® Knowledge Management Programme
  • Cynefin Centre Paradox of Culture programme
  • Conflict and Continuity: Leadership under conditions of uncertainty

Webinars & Podcasts


  • 2020: Cynefin 21: celebrating 21 years (1999-2020)
  • 2019: Complex Facilitation; Futures & Foresight; A Vector-Based Theory of Change; Weaving employee wellbeing into the fabric of our organisations to build resilience; A conversation about Risk & Resilience; Cynefin™ & Theory of Constraints
  • 2018: A conversation with Dave – scaffolding, nudging & scaling


    Knowledge Management in projects
    KM World 2016 Keynote
    KM Australia 2014 – Keynote
    KM UK 2014
    KM Asia 2013 – Keynotes
    KM World 2013 – Keynote: Human data v Big Data
    ECKM 2013 – Knowledge Management & Sensemaking
    KM Europe 2013
    KM Asia 2012 – Keynotes
    KM World 2012 – Closing Keynote
    KM Asia 2010 – Keynote
    HKKMS Conference 2010 – Keynote
    Henley KM Forum Conference 2010
    British Aerospace Knowledge Management
    KM India 2009 – Keynote
    KM Chicago 8/2009
    KM Australia 2009
    – Day 2
    – Keynote
    KCUK 2009
    HKKMS Conference 2009 – Closing Keynote
    KM Asia 2008 – Keynote on Social Computing
    KM World 2008 – Closing Keynote
    Knowledge Management, Kuala Lumpur June 2008
    SLA Conference Seattle June 2008
    KM Asia 2007 – Keynote
    KM World 2007 – Keynote
    KM Forum Boston 10/2007
    Jon Husband’s interview with Dave Snowden on Web 2.0
    Social Computing and Communities of Practice (CoP)
    KM Australia 2007
    – Communities of Practice (CoP) Workshop
    – Keynote


  • The Cynefin Company Network (was: Cognitive Edge Practitioners Network)
  • Cynefin Melbourne Meetup Group
  • Cynefin North America


  • Complexity in Human Systems Symposium @ KM World
    (a joint production of the Cynefin Centre for Organizational Complexity, Information Today, and Dysart & Jones Associates)

    • 2020: Complexity in Human Systems: Dealing with Chaos (CANCELLED)
    • 2019: Complexity in Human Systems: Next Paradigm of Management?
  • Cognitive Edge conference
  • Inaugural Cynefin, Agile & Lean Mashup (CALM), 16-17 February 2012, Mortimer, United Kingdom


Cynefin Centre Retreats

    Nov 2019: Foresight (Wales, UK)
    Aug 2019: Decision making & perception (Canada)
    Oct 2018: Cynefin Retreat: Economics and Value (Wales, UK)
    Aug 2018: How we design for resilience – survival through constant change (Australia)
    Jun 2018: Design & Emergence (Canada)
    Apr 2018: Diversity & Inclusion (South Africa)
    Mar 2018: Narrative in organisations (Ireland)

Cognitive Edge Network Gatherings

  • Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States of America

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