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Straits Knowledge offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Workshops & Masterclasses

Public Masterclasses 2022

  • Masterclass: Knowledge Audits for Knowledge Management Planning (6 days, online)

Public Masterclasses 2018/19

  • Masterclass: Implementing Taxonomy and Search in SharePoint and Office 365 (2 days)
  • Digital Transformation Masterclass: Scoping Your Digital Transformation Projects (1 day)
  • Knowledge Audit Masterclass: Knowledge Mapping and Knowledge Management Diagnostics for Knowledge Management Planning (2 days)
  • Taxonomy Development Masterclass: Scoping, Developing and Validating User-Oriented Taxonomies (2 days)

Public Masterclasses 2016

  • ShadowBox Masterclass with Gary Klein:
    A Practical Method for Tacit Knowledge Transfer & Cognitive Skills Training (2 days)
  • Gamification Masterclass with Michael Sutton:
    Serious Games in Knowledge Management and Organizational Change Initiatives–Increasing Engagement and Learning (2 days)

In-house Workshops & Masterclasses

  • Communities of Practice & Peer Collaboration Workshop
    (3 days, since 2008)
  • Expert Knowledge Transfer Workshop / Expertise Transfer Workshop
    (3 days, since 2009)
  • Knowledge Audit & Knowledge Diagnostics Workshop
    (2 days, since 2008, was: Conducting a Knowledge Audit Workshop)
  • Knowledge Management Strategy Workshop
    (2 days, since 2008, was: Building a Knowledge Management Strategy and Frameworks Workshop)
  • Project Learning & Knowledge Capture Knowledge
    (3 days, since 2008, was: Sharing Techniques for Project Learning & Knowledge Capture Workshop)
  • Taxonomy Development Workshop – Developing a Corporate Taxonomy
    (2 days, since 2008)

Past Workshops & Masterclasses

  • Rapid Knowledge Management Assessment Workshop (1 day, 2017)
  • Knowledge Mapping & Knowledge Organisation – techniques for knowledge audits and taxomony development (2008-2010)
  • “Knowledge Sharing Techniques” combined Workshop (2008-13)
    – Peer Collaboration & Communities Workshop
    – Project Learning & Knowledge Capture Workshop
    – Expert Knowledge Transfer Workshop
  • “Knowledge Management Implementation” combined Workshop (2011-2013)
    – Knowledge Audit & Knowledge Management Diagnostics Workshop
    – Knowledge Management Strategy Workshop
  • Anecdote Circles; Cognitive Task Analysis; Culture Analysis; IM Policy Review; Open Space Technology; Project & Knowledge Management; Social Network Analysis (2006-2007, consulting services may be available as workshops)
  • Knowledge Management Workshops: Introduction to Knowledge Management, Building a Knowledge Management Roadmap, The Knowledge Manager’s Toolkit (2002-2005)
  • E-learning Workshops: Understanding E-learning, Building an E-learning Roadmap, E-learning as an Enabler of Change (2002-2005)
  • Innovation Workshops: Opening Self to Innovation, Opening Teams to Innovation, Opening Leadership to Innovation (2002-2005)

Public Workshops co-organized with iKMS – Information and Knowledge Management Society

  • 2006-08: Leveraging Social Networks for Knowledge Management Workshop
  • 2006-02: Gary Klein Masterclass: Eliciting Tacit Knowledge
  • 2004-10: Gary Klein Masterclass: Cognitive Task Analysis for Expert Knowledge Transfer (iKMS)
  • May 2002: The Knowledge Manager’s Toolkit Workshop

Workshop & Masterclass Engagements

  • 2017-05: How to conduct a knowledge audit to identify KM goals and technologies
  • 2015-02: Workshop on Conducting Knowledge Audits for the Insurance Industry, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 2006-10: Information, Records and Knowledge: an integrated approach for organisational effectiveness, Perth, Australia
  • 2006-10: Knowledge Management: All About Adding Value Continuously, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  • 2011-03: The Strategic Use of Business Stories, Melbourne, Australia (with anecdote)
  • 2011-03: Taxonomy Development Workshop, Sydney, Australia (with Innotecture)
  • 2011-07: Participatory Knowledge Management Planning Workshop at KM Australia
  • 2011-09: Masterclass “Releasing Insight in Your Organisation Through the Power of Story” (with Gary Klein and Shawn Callahan) at KM Singapore
  • 2013-10/11: Taxonomy Development and Knowledge Audit workshops, Canberra, Australia / Birmingham, UK
  • 2014-10/11: Conducting Knowledge Audits, Canberra, Australia / Washington DC, USA
  • 2014/11: Effective Knowledge Auditing, London, UK


  • Innovations in Knowledge Organisation Conference (IKO)*
  • Straits Knowledge Knowledge Management Forum, September 4-5, 2003, Singapore 1)
    Knowledge Management Challenges: A Forum for Knowledge Management Practitioners – a two day knowledge-sharing and problem-solving forum on the key issues and challenges facing Knowledge Management practitioners in Singapore

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