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CPsquare offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Connected futures: New social strategies and tools for communities of practice
  • Foundations of Communities of Practice / Grondbeginselen van “Communities of Practice” (Dutch Language)
  • Customized offerings


  • CPsquare Week
  • Web 2.0 and Communities of Practice Conference, January 3-31, 2005, online


  • Hot topic teleconferences
  • Practice group teleconferences
  • Dialogues – small-scale events, face-to-face or virtual
    Jul/Aug 2006: Conversations with CPsquare and Steven Denning about “The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling.”
    May/Jun 2004: Learning for a small planet – a research agenda:Conversations with Etienne Wenger about his 10-year research plan
    Jun 2004: CPsquare open house
    Jul 2003: CPsquare as a learning space for cultivating global literacies
  • New members orientation
  • Practice leadership orientation

Practice Groups

  • …on Topics in Communities of Practice

Web Channels

twitter: https://twitter.com/cpsquare

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