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David Skyrme Associates has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • The Knowledge Economy: Perspectives, Policy and Practice
  • Succeeding With Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Innovation 1)
  • Knowledge Commercialization
    Contents: Knowledge Inside-Out; From E-Commerce to K-Commerce; New Markets, New Models; Knowledge Productizing; Marketing Revisited; Developing a K-Business
  • The Knowledge Practicum 1)
  • Knowledge Management in Practice
  • Knowledge Connections and Communities
  • Key Concepts – nature of knowledge
  • Knowledge Management Framework – enablers, levers, foundations
  • Tools and Techniques – various e.g. IRM, AAR, knowledge centres, taxonomies etc.
  • Knowledge Cycles – innovation and sharing
  • Knowledge Management State of Practice – case studies
  • Knowledge Management and SMEs – small business relevance
  • Communities of Knowledge Practice 1)
  • Knowledge/Information Access/Exchange Models
  • K-Business: Building a Knowledge Business (8 week on-line course; 1 day face-to-face workshop; 4 hour online telecoaching) 2)
    Module 1: K-Business: An Overview
    Module 2: Knowledge Assets
    Module 3: Leveraging the Internet
    Module 4: Know Your Customers
    Module 5: Productizing Knowledge
    Module 6: The 5Ps of Promotion
    Module 7: The 5Ps of Profitability
    Module 8: Planning for Success


Knowledge (Executive) Briefings

  • Briefing samples: Knowledge Management Organization and Management, Best Knowledge Practices, Knowledge Management and the Finance Function, Knowledge Centres and Hubs, Simulation and Learning
  • Topic samples: Viable Knowledge-based strategies; Commercializing and Marketing Knowledge; Measuring and managing intellectual capital; Knowledge management processes and practices; Knowledge management tools and techniques; New knowledge roles and skills; Information and communications technologies to support knowledge management


    The Role of Knowledge Management in Small Business Policy
    Communicating Knowledge: The Knowledge Management Challenge
    Theory Meets Practice: Opportunities Meets Pitfalls. Whither Knowledge Management?
    Knowledge Management in Practice (Knowledge Management: Fad or Fundamental?)
    K-commerce: Commercializing Knowledge – The Opportunities and Hazards
    From Information Management to Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Futures: Methods, Markets and Management
    From Measurement Myopia to Knowledge Leadership
    Leveraging Knowledge and Learning through IT
    Information Resources Management (IRM)

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