Knowledge Leadership

Abstract: In our research for Creating the Knowledge-based Business we found without exception that where KM was progressing well, underpinning it was strong leadership. We identified the following as the essential factors of knowledge leadership:

  • A knowledge leader (or champion) – that person may or may not have a title such as Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO), Head of Knowledge Management, or something similar. However, he or she is widely recognised as the person who is setting the direction for knowledge management and driving it forward.
  • A supportive Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – not just paying lip service, but being actively involved and visibly promoting the knowledge initiative.
  • Leadership at all levels – a mix of top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out leadership.
  • An enthusiastic knowledge team – a high performing team that brings together people with different specialities and from different parts of the organization.
  • A guiding framework for action – the ‘big picture’ of knowledge activities and how they support business objectives and the corporate strategy.

David J. Skyrme: Knowledge Leadership. David Skyrme Associates (KM Roadmap), 19th March 2011

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