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Entovation International – a global innovation research and consulting network 1) – offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification Courses

  • Knowledge Innovation Certification (Certified Knowledge Innovation Consultant / Practitioner)** 2)
      Week 1 – Introductory
      Week 2 – Project Preparation
      Week 3 – State-of-the-Practice
      Week 4 – State-of-the-Art
      Week 5 – State-of-the-Customer
      Week 6 – State-of-the Future
      Week 7 – Project Presentation
      Week 8 – Certification
      Weeks 9 & 10 – Follow-up


(incl. certification courses of network members)

  • Entovation Gyroscope: Knowledge Economy Leadership Program – Online Executive Seminars 2)
    • 2005 ff.
      • Collaborative Process: Catching the Innovation Highway; Introduction to Innovation Navigation; Innovation Engines; Certified Knowledge Innovation Practitioner
      • Performance Measures: Certified Intangible Assets Auditing & Controlling; Introduction to Corporate Longitude; The VAIC; Proving the Value of Intangibles
      • Education / Training: Developing Capital Systems Strategies; Incubation
      • Networks / Culture: Certified ValueNet Works Practitioner; Introduction to Cultural Due Diligence; Collaborative Knowledge Networks; Social Capital
      • Innovation Intelligence: Introduction to Knowledge Pattern Recognition; Introduction to Knowledge Mapping
      • New Products / Services: Certified Community Moderator; Product / Service Innovation
      • Strategic Alliances: Introduction to Knowledge Clusters
      • Market / Customer Interface: Customer / Stakeholder Innovation; Corporate Branding
      • Leadership / Governance: Board Governance; Introduction to People Focused Knowledge Management; Knowledge Entrepreneurship
      • Computer / Communications: K-Commerce: Commercializing Knowledge; Knowledge Collaboration; Collaborative Strategy Design; Collaborative Technologies; Idea Management
      • More: Certified Knowledge Manager; Building Communities of Practice; Certified TangoNet Facilitator; Certified Business Technology Optimization Practitioner; Certified Balanced Scorecard Practitioner, ValueTrue Analysis
    • 2004:
      – Debra Amidon: Certified Knowledge Innovation Practitioner
      – Leif Edvinsson: Introduction to Corporate Longitude
      – Oliver Schwabe: Certified Community Moderator
      – Javier Carillo: Education/Development
      – Debra Amidon: The Up/Downside of Innovation
      – Doug MacNamara: Board Governance
      – Bryan Davis: Introduction to Knowledge Pattern Recognition
      – Karl Wiig: Introduction to People Focussed Knowledge Management
      – Piero Formica: Introduction to Knowledge Clusters
      – Edna Pasher: Introduction to Innovation Navigation
      – Savage & Sundrum: Introduction to Cultural Due Diligence
      – Karl-Erik Sveiby: Certified Intangible Assets Auditing
      and Controlling
      – David Skyrme: K-commerce: Commercializing Knowledge
      – Ron Dvir: Innovation Engines
      – John Maloney: Collaborative Knowledge Networks Certification
      – Bob Wiele: OneSmartWorld
      – Karl-Erik Sveiby: Certified Knowledge Manager
      – Verna Allee: Certified ValueNet Works Practitioner
      – Debra Wallace: Building Communities of Practice
      – Xenia Stanford: Introduction to Knowledge Mapping
      – Chris Macrae: ValueTrue Analysis
      – Karl-Erik Sveiby: Certified TangoNet Facilitator
      – Paul Selinger: Certified Business Technology Optimization (BTO) Practitioner
      – Paul Bergquist: Certified Balanced Scorecard Practitioner
    • 2003:
      • Debra Amidon: Introduction to Knowledge Innovation
      • Piero Formica: Introduction to Knowledge Clusters
      • Savage & Sundrum: Introduction to Cultural Due Diligence
      • Oliver Schwabe: Introduction to Community Moderation
      • Karl Wiig: Introduction to People Focussed KM
      • Bryan Davis: Introduction to Knowledge Pattern Recognition
      • Leif Edvinsson: Introduction to Corporate Longitude
      • Edna Pasher: Introduction to Innovation Navigation
      • Xenia Stanford: Introduction to Knowledge Mapping
      • Karl-Erik Sveiby: Certified Knowledge Manager
      • Verna Allee: Certified ValueNetWork™ Practitioner
      • Debra Wallace: Building Communities of Practice
  • Enntoviation Practicum: interactive workshop series on the practical aspects of implementing knowledge management strategies
    • Introductory Practicum – Basic introduction to the rationale, language and concepts of the knowledge movement and its related practices
    • State-of-the-Practice Practicum – Scope of the current concepts, management architectures and initiatives of leaders in the knowledge field
    • State-of-the-Art Practicum – Structured dialogue among functional or business unit executives to assess knowledge innovation capabilities
    • State-of-the-Customer Practicum – Planning into the future with carefully researched concept mapped trends
    • State-of-the-Future Practicum – Planning into the future with carefully researched concept mapped trends
  • Knowledge Innovation® Development Program – Kenovation® Assessment designed specifically for Small Business Networks
  • (In-house) Seminars, workshops and presentations on topics in Knowledge Innovation
      Sampling of topics: Seizing the Innovation Leadership; The Emerging Community of Knowledge Practice; From Business Planning to Innovation Strategy; Successfully Managing and Prioritizing R&D Projects; Managing the Knowledge Kaleidoscope of Change; Visualizing Opportunity in the Knowledge Economy; Knowledge Innovation Strategy: Managing the Momentum; Knowledge Strategy: From Process to Practice; Dialogue with Customers: Secret to Innovation; Cultures of the Knowledge Economy; Managing the Economics of Intangible Value; Facilitating Innovation through Knowledge Management; The New Knowledge Value Proposition; From Transfer to Transformation; Capitalizing Upon the World Trade of Ideas; CIO as the Chief Innovation Officer; The Monet of Management; Toward Modern Managerial Standards; The Ken of Innovation Management: Bridging Theory and Practice (introductory executive seminar); Knowledge Insights – a series of briefings on the knowledge economy and the management of knowledge
  • Knowledge Innovation Zones (KIZ) Executive Briefing Workshops 3)
    Samples: The Prosperity Paradox: Architecting Sustainable Innovation for Knowledge Cities, Regions and World; State-of-the-World Report on Knowledge Innovation Zones
  • Lectures by Debra Amidon
    Samples: Decade of Perspective: Vision for the Technology Profession; Innovation: The Wind for Corporate and Individual Success; Evolution of the Knowledge Movement; Creating a Knowledge Innovation Strategy; National Innovation Policy: Global Context for Measuring Performance; Momentum of Knowledge Innovation; The Trapeze Parable: Call for the Bretton Woods of the Knowledge Economy


Entovation 100 (E100) Roundtable

  • 6th International E100 Roundtable, 4-5 December 2009, New York City, USA
    (in conjunction with the International Society for Professional Innovation Management Symposium, 6-9 Dec)
  • 5th International E100 Roundtable (Joint E100/AKEA Roundtable), 30-31 March 2006, Muscat, Oman
    (in collaboration with the Arabian Knowledge Economy Association (AKEA); in conjunction with the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WSIE), Apr 1-3)
  • 4th International E100-Roundtable, 15 November 2004, Barcelona, Spain
    (in conjunction with the EG/A Annual Meeting (Nov 13-14) and the Knowledge City Observatory Founders Meeting: Actualizing the High Performance Knowledge City (Nov 16-17))
  • 3rd Entovation E100-Roundtable, 1-2 & 4 November 2003, Monterrey, Mexico
    (in conjunction with the Latin American Forum on Knowledge Based Development (Nov 1-3) and the 1st Assembley of the Iberoamerican Community for Knowledge Systems (Nov 2))
  • 2nd E100-Roundtable, March 21-24, 2003, Helsinki, Finland
    Theme: Leveraging our Knowledge Value Proposition
    Seminars (Mar 21): “Knowledge Management” – Top Level Seminar (Helsinki University of Technology, LifeLong Learning Institute Dipoli, Espoo)
  • 1st E100-Roundtable, June 23-24, 2002, New York City, USA
    (in conjunction with Global KM eXchange, Jun 25-27)
    Theme: Harnessing Collaborative Advantage
    Workshops (Jun 23): Knowledge Millennium Generation
    Knowledge Concert: Tour du Knowledge Monde
  • (PLANNED) Roundtable of Global Innovators, June 2000, Banff, Canada

  • 1st Technology Transfer Society Roundtable on Critical Issues, April 28-29, 1987, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA 4)
    (supported by: Digital Equipment Corporation and the Technology and Strategy Group of Cambridge)
    Theme: Management of Knowledge Assets into the 21st Century


  • Knowledge Concert – knowledge entertainment providing both an education on the global implications of the knowledge economy and musical harmony
    • 1st Concert: Tour de Knowledge Monde: Map of International Competence, 23 January 1999, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
      (Dinner presentation at 3rd International Congress on Knowledge and Innovation)
  • Dutch-treat dinner @ KM Europe 2004, November 9, 2004, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    (in conjunction with KM Europe, Nov 8-10)

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