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Entovation International offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Entoviation Network1)
  • Knowledge Innovation Zones (KIZ) Research Centre/Project
    (with the Kaieteur Institute for Knowledge Management)
  • Global Knowledge Innovation Infrastructure (GKII) Initiative, aka ENTOVATION Institute@Banff
    (with the Banff Management Centre at the Banff Centre for Continuing Education)
  • Knowledge City Observatory (KCO)

Certification Courses

  • Knowledge Innovation Certification Program (10 weeks online; Certified Knowledge Innovation Consultant / Practitioner)** 2)
      Week 1 – Introductory
      Week 2 – Project Preparation
      Week 3 – State-of-the-Practice
      Week 4 – State-of-the-Art
      Week 5 – State-of-the-Customer
      Week 6 – State-of-the Future
      Week 7 – Project Presentation
      Week 8 – Certification
      Weeks 9 & 10 – Follow-up


(incl. certification courses of network members)

  • Entovation Gyroscope: Knowledge Economy Leadership Program – Online Executive Seminars 2)
    • 2005 ff.
      • Collaborative Process: Catching the Innovation Highway; Introduction to Innovation Navigation; Innovation Engines; Certified Knowledge Innovation Practitioner
      • Performance Measures: Certified Intangible Assets Auditing & Controlling; Introduction to Corporate Longitude; The VAIC; Proving the Value of Intangibles
      • Education / Training: Developing Capital Systems Strategies; Incubation
      • Networks / Culture: Certified ValueNet Works Practitioner; Introduction to Cultural Due Diligence; Collaborative Knowledge Networks; Social Capital
      • Innovation Intelligence: Introduction to Knowledge Pattern Recognition; Introduction to Knowledge Mapping
      • New Products / Services: Certified Community Moderator; Product / Service Innovation
      • Strategic Alliances: Introduction to Knowledge Clusters
      • Market / Customer Interface: Customer / Stakeholder Innovation; Corporate Branding
      • Leadership / Governance: Board Governance; Introduction to People Focused Knowledge Management; Knowledge Entrepreneurship
      • Computer / Communications: K-Commerce: Commercializing Knowledge; Knowledge Collaboration; Collaborative Strategy Design; Collaborative Technologies; Idea Management
      • More: Certified Knowledge Manager; Building Communities of Practice; Certified TangoNet Facilitator; Certified Business Technology Optimization Practitioner; Certified Balanced Scorecard Practitioner, ValueTrue Analysis
    • 2004:
      • Debra Amidon: Certified Knowledge Innovation Practitioner
      • Leif Edvinsson: Introduction to Corporate Longitude
      • Oliver Schwabe: Certified Community Moderator
      • Javier Carillo: Education/Development
      • Debra Amidon: The Up/Downside of Innovation
      • Doug MacNamara: Board Governance
      • Bryan Davis: Introduction to Knowledge Pattern Recognition
      • Karl Wiig: Introduction to People Focussed Knowledge Management
      • Piero Formica: Introduction to Knowledge Clusters
      • Edna Pasher: Introduction to Innovation Navigation
      • Savage & Sundrum: Introduction to Cultural Due Diligence
      • Karl-Erik Sveiby: Certified Intangible Assets Auditing
        and Controlling
      • David Skyrme: K-commerce: Commercializing Knowledge
      • Ron Dvir: Innovation Engines
      • John Maloney: Collaborative Knowledge Networks Certification
      • Bob Wiele: OneSmartWorld
      • Karl-Erik Sveiby: Certified Knowledge Manager
      • Verna Allee: Certified ValueNet Works Practitioner
      • Debra Wallace: Building Communities of Practice
      • Xenia Stanford: Introduction to Knowledge Mapping
      • Chris Macrae: ValueTrue Analysis
      • Karl-Erik Sveiby: Certified TangoNet Facilitator
      • Paul Selinger: Certified Business Technology Optimization (BTO) Practitioner
      • Paul Bergquist: Certified Balanced Scorecard Practitioner
    • 2003:
      • Debra Amidon: Introduction to Knowledge Innovation
      • Piero Formica: Introduction to Knowledge Clusters
      • Savage & Sundrum: Introduction to Cultural Due Diligence
      • Oliver Schwabe: Introduction to Community Moderation
      • Karl Wiig: Introduction to People Focussed KM
      • Bryan Davis: Introduction to Knowledge Pattern Recognition
      • Leif Edvinsson: Introduction to Corporate Longitude
      • Edna Pasher: Introduction to Innovation Navigation
      • Xenia Stanford: Introduction to Knowledge Mapping
      • Karl-Erik Sveiby: Certified Knowledge Manager
      • Verna Allee: Certified ValueNetWork™ Practitioner
      • Debra Wallace: Building Communities of Practice
  • Enntoviation Practicum: interactive workshop series on the practical aspects of implementing knowledge management strategies
    • Introductory Practicum – Basic introduction to the rationale, language and concepts of the knowledge movement and its related practices
    • State-of-the-Practice Practicum – Scope of the current concepts, management architectures and initiatives of leaders in the knowledge field
    • State-of-the-Art Practicum – Structured dialogue among functional or business unit executives to assess knowledge innovation capabilities
    • State-of-the-Customer Practicum – Planning into the future with carefully researched concept mapped trends
    • State-of-the-Future Practicum – Planning into the future with carefully researched concept mapped trends
  • Knowledge Innovation® Development Program – Kenovation® Assessment designed specifically for Small Business Networks
  • (In-house) Seminars, workshops and presentations on topics in Knowledge Innovation
      Sampling of topics: Seizing the Innovation Leadership; The Emerging Community of Knowledge Practice; From Business Planning to Innovation Strategy; Successfully Managing and Prioritizing R&D Projects; Managing the Knowledge Kaleidoscope of Change; Visualizing Opportunity in the Knowledge Economy; Knowledge Innovation Strategy: Managing the Momentum; Knowledge Strategy: From Process to Practice; Dialogue with Customers: Secret to Innovation; Cultures of the Knowledge Economy; Managing the Economics of Intangible Value; Facilitating Innovation through Knowledge Management; The New Knowledge Value Proposition; From Transfer to Transformation; Capitalizing Upon the World Trade of Ideas; CIO as the Chief Innovation Officer; The Monet of Management; Toward Modern Managerial Standards; The Ken of Innovation Management: Bridging Theory and Practice (introductory executive seminar); Knowledge Insights – a series of briefings on the knowledge economy and the management of knowledge
  • Knowledge Innovation Zones (KIZ) Executive Briefing Workshops 3)
      Samples: The Prosperity Paradox: Architecting Sustainable Innovation for Knowledge Cities, Regions and World; State-of-the-World Report on Knowledge Innovation Zones
  • Lectures by Debra Amidon
      Samples: Decade of Perspective: Vision for the Technology Profession; Innovation: The Wind for Corporate and Individual Success; Evolution of the Knowledge Movement; Creating a Knowledge Innovation Strategy; National Innovation Policy: Global Context for Measuring Performance; Momentum of Knowledge Innovation; The Trapeze Parable: Call for the Bretton Woods of the Knowledge Economy


Entovation 100 (E100) Roundtable

  • E100 Roundtable, 24-25 September 2012, Boston, USA
    Theme: Collaborative Advantage
    (in conjunction with the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

    Program n.a.

    Co-located Events:
    World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WSIE), Sep 26-28

  • …?…
  • 6th International E100 Roundtable, 4-5 December 2009, New York City, USA
    (in conjunction with the International Society for Professional Innovation Management Symposium)

      Day 1: Operational aspects of measuring and managing innovation effectiveness (Micro-level)
      Day 2: The Meso-Economic and Macro-Economic levels

      Co-located Events:
      International Society for Professional Innovation Management Symposium, Dec 6-9

  • 5th International E100 Roundtable (Joint E100/AKEA Roundtable), 30-31 March 2006, Muscat, Oman
    (in conjunction with the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Co-organizer: Arabian Knowledge Economy Association)

      Context, Evolution and Potential
      State-of-Innovation by Nation
      Proposal for the Junior E100
      Ken Certification – The Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center (RITSEC) Showcase
      The Knowledge Innovation Zones (KIZ) Initiative

      E100 Award Lunch – 2006 Ken Practitioner Award
      Signing Ceremony – Knowledge Economics Books

      Co-located Events:
      World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WSIE), Apr 1-3, Dubai, UAE

  • 4th International E100-Roundtable, 15 November 2004, Barcelona, Spain
    Theme: Actualizing The High-Performance Knowledge City
    (in conjunction with the EG/A Annual Meeting and the Knowledge City Observatory Founders Meeting)

      Note: The event was originally scheduled for 4-8 September 2004

      Urban Revitalization & The New Spatial Geography of Knowledge
      The Intelligence Landscape: Prospects for Innovation Futures
      Ken Practitioner Award Keynote

      Opening: Knowledge Cities & The Opportunity For New Sustainable Growth & Prosperity in the Global Knowledge-Based Economy
      In the Knowledge Zone: Preliminary Findings – Prelude to the release of the first International Report

      Knowledge Café: What makes a knowledge city perform optimally?

      Interactive Panel: Spotlight on Barcelona: The emerging knowledge city: operational challenges ahead from the perspective of the key players

      Panel: Developing The new Knowledge Architects: Experiences & Lessons learned from real-world knowledge zone initiatives
      (Examples: City of Graz, Austria; Desert Knowledge Australia; Dubai – Knowledge Village; Lyons, France; Basque Country; Calgary)

      Panel: A Gyroscope of Specific State-of-The-Art Knowledge Management Techniques & Enablers For Realizing the Successful Knowledge City
      (Sessions: Expertise Mapping & Management; Innovation Engines; Smart Thinking Skills; Coevolved Communities; Knowledge Capitalization Techniques)

      Ken Practitioner Award Celebration

      Co-located Events:
      EG/A Annual Meeting, Nov 13-14
      Knowledge City Observatory (KCO) Founders Meeting, Nov 16-17

      Founder City Showcase
      The Concept of Knowledge City Observatory
      Knowledge City Success stories

      Knowledge Cafés:
      Design (Themes: The Capital Cities Framework, City Innovation SuperHighway, Community Building Indicators, Innovation Engines)
      Deployment: How to turn my city into a knowledge city?
      Building together the Knowledge City Observatory work sessions

      Knowledge City Tour

  • 3rd Entovation E100-Roundtable, 1-2 & 4 November 2003, Monterrey, Mexico
    (in conjunction with the Latin American Forum on Knowledge Based Development and the 1st Assembley of the Iberoamerican Community for Knowledge Systems; Co-organizer: Mondragon Innovation & Knowledge; Barcelona Activa; Ibero-American Community of Knowledge Systems)

      Program n.a.

      Co-located Events:
      Latin American Forum on Knowledge Based Development, Nov 1-3
      1st Assembley of the Iberoamerican Community for Knowledge Systems, Nov 2

  • 2nd E100-Roundtable, March 21-24, 2003, Helsinki, Finland
    Theme: Leveraging our Knowledge Value Proposition
    (Co-organizer: LifeLong Learning Institute Dipoli, Helsinki University of Technology; Helsinki School of Economics; Swedish School of Economics in Helsinki)

      E100 Roundtable (NY video in the context of ‘An ENTOVATION Imperative’; ENTOVATION Lab; Knowledge-Networking excercise (5 dimensions of the ENTOVATION Lab; E100 Intranet; National Economy Panel; E100 Publication(s); Junior E100)

      1st ENTOVATION Group Business Meeting (for those E100 who have chosen to participate as founding members of The ENTOVATION Group)

      Corporate Forums (seminar-like presentations or workshops for corporate clients; knowledge market)

      Academic Forum (a dialogue with Ph d. Students, professors, and world-recognized academic thought leaders)
      (Co-organizer: University of Technology in Helsinki; Helsinki School of Economics; Swedish School of Economics in Helsinki)

      Pre-event Seminar: “Knowledge Management” – Top Level Seminar, Mar 21
      (Host: Helsinki University of Technology, LifeLong Learning Institute Dipoli, Espoo)

  • 1st E100-Roundtable, June 23-24, 2002, New York City, USA
    Theme: Harnessing Collaborative Advantage
    (in conjunction with the Global KM eXchange; Co-organizer: Ark Group)

      The New Global Landscape – Action-in-Waiting
      4D-i: Competence Mapping – Results of the E100 assessments and network mapping initiatives

      Discussion Panels:
      The Knowledge Value Proposition- Economics, Behavior and Technology

      Knowledge Millennium Generation
      Knowledge Networking – A tour through the dimensions of innovation
      E100 Strategy Formulation action planning session

      Knowledge Concert: Tour du Knowledge Monde

      Co-located Events:
      Global KM eXchange, Jun 25-27

  • (PLANNED) Roundtable of Global Innovators, June 2000, Banff, Canada
      Roundtable in preparation of the First biennial Worldwide Knowledge Innovation Congress, aka the Global Knowledge Innovation Infrastructure Congress (GKII) or World Wide Innovation Congress, planned for June 2001
  • 1st Technology Transfer Society Roundtable on Critical Issues, April 28-29, 1987, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA 4)
    Theme: Management of Knowledge Assets into the 21st Century
    (Sponsors: Digital Equipment Corporation; Technology and Strategy Group of Cambridge)

      Program n.a.


  • Knowledge Concert – knowledge entertainment providing both an education on the global implications of the knowledge economy and musical harmony
    • 1st Concert: Tour de Knowledge Monde: Map of International Competence, 23 January 1999, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
      (Dinner presentation at 3rd International Congress on Knowledge and Innovation)
  • Dutch-treat dinner @ KM Europe 2004, November 9, 2004, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    (in conjunction with KM Europe, Nov 8-10)


Knowledge Innovation Awards Programme

  • Ken Practitioner of the Year Award
      2012: Don Tapscott (Canada), CEO, The Tapscott Group
      2010-11: no award!
      2009: Raghunath Anant Mashelkar (India), President, Global Research Alliance
      2007-8: no award?
      2008: Ashok Soota (India), Chairman and Managing Director, MindTree Consulting (1st international award for Knowledge Innovation)
      2006: Tayeb A. Kamali (UAE), Vice Chancellor, Higher Colleges of Technology, and Vice Chairman, Centre of Excellence for Applied Research and Training
      2005: Edward DeBono (Ireland), CEO, The McQuaig Group
      2004: Leif Edvinsson (Sweden), CEO, Universal Networking Intellectual Capital, and Professor of Intellectual Capital, University of Lund
      2003: Thomas F. Malone (USA), University Distinguished Scholar Emeritus (Human Environmental Sciences), North Carolina State University
      2002: Admiral (U.S. Navy, ret.) Bobby R. Inman (USA), Lyndon B. Johnson Centennial Chair in National Policy, University of Texas at Austin
  • Knowledge Innovation Zone (KIZ) Student Prize
      2005: Dragana Radovaovic (University of Lund, Sweden), Master thesis “Intelligence and Lund”

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