MSc in Knowledge Management Systems at Cranfield

SIMON J. SHURVILLE, MARTIN P. LEE, BERNARD C. SCOTT, and ALAN HARRISON: Design, Development and Delivery of an Innovative Blended MSC in Knowledge Management Systems at Cranfield. In: Hawamdeh, S. (Ed.): Knowledge Management: Nuturing Culture, Innovation and Technology. Proceedings of the 2005 International Conference on Knowledge Management. North Carolina, USA, 27 – 28 October 2005: 527-535

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One Reply to “MSc in Knowledge Management Systems at Cranfield”

  1. I want organise MSc Group project for Knowledge Capture and Reuse. I am ex Cranfield University MSc PhD Staff Post Doctorate. I have recommended Cranfield University MSc Group project for Technip and we are interested. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    What is on offer? Give me some ideas of what you can do? Some ideas on deliverables scope cost and schedule. Help us to scope a project 5 MSc students in the next academic year to demonstrate knowledge capture and reuse can be achieved.

    See my PhD Thesis A Knowledge model for decision support to manage schedule disturbance in steel making 2002 available in Cranfield University Library.

    You can reach me on 07884918268 or email

    (KMedu Hub Note: Replied by eMail on Aug 11, 2022 – Boris)

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